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Eric Johnson - Aircraft Control and Simulation. Dynamics, Controls Design, and Autonomous Systems
Dominic Diston - Computational Modelling and Simulation of Aircraft and the Environment, Volume 1. Platform Kinematics and Synthetic Environment
Norman Ashford - Airport Engineering. Planning, Design and Development of 21st Century Airports
Nicolas Durand - Metaheuristics for Air Traffic Management
Spyros Pandis - Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. From Air Pollution to Climate Change
Thomas Blair - Energy Production Systems Engineering
Roy Langton - Aircraft Fuel Systems
Hongyan Wang - Airdrop Recovery Systems With Self-Inflating Airbag. Modeling And Analysis
Edward Boulter - Electrical Insulation for Rotating Machines. Design, Evaluation, Aging, Testing, and Repair
Mark Fairchild - Color Appearance Models
Konstantinos Zografos - Modelling and Managing Airport Performance