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Hartwig Müller - Medical Gases. Production, Applications, and Safety Название: Medical Gases. Production, Applications, and Safety Автор: Hartwig Müller Тип: PDF Книга Covering the entire spectrum of medical gases, this ready reference offers a comprehensive overview of production, medical gas equipment, medical gas verification, and medical gas safety standards. With a clear focus throughout on safety, the text recommends environmentally responsible manufacturing practices during each step of the process: manufacture, storage, transport, distribution, and in applications. It also discusses standards and regulations, in particular those of the European Union. An essential guide for researchers and professionals whose work includes the manufacture, handling, or use of medical gases. Hunter Muller - The Big Shift in IT Leadership. How Great CIOs Leverage the Power of Technology for Strategic Business Growth in the Customer-Centric Economy Название: The Big Shift in IT Leadership. How Great CIOs Leverage the Power of Technology for Strategic Business Growth in the Customer-Centric Economy Автор: Hunter Muller Тип: PDF Книга Learn the unique leadership strategies of the effective, essential CIO Beyond the Cloud provides a blueprint for leadership in an era of high volatility, rapid transformation, and amazing growth. An effective CIO is essential to the successful navigation of turbulent and uncertain times, and this insightful guide gives you the actionable framework you need to execute the leadership strategies that work. Focused on the major factors that are critical to modern global enterprise, this book delves into communication, collaboration, relationships, technology, innovation, talent management, and more to provide well-rounded guidance toward principled leadership. Simple, straightforward language explains the basics of each area, and is expanded upon by real-world stories and revealing anecdotes gathered from the author's exclusive interviews with visionary thought leaders from major organizations worldwide. You get perspective from the top on established and emerging leadership strategies,... Joseph Schmuller - Statistical Analysis with R For Dummies Название: Statistical Analysis with R For Dummies Автор: Joseph Schmuller Тип: PDF Книга Understanding the world of R programming and analysis has never been easier Most guides to R, whether books or online, focus on R functions and procedures. But now, thanks to Statistical Analysis with R For Dummies, you have access to a trusted, easy-to-follow guide that focuses on the foundational statistical concepts that R addresses—as well as step-by-step guidance that shows you exactly how to implement them using R programming. People are becoming more aware of R every day as major institutions are adopting it as a standard. Part of its appeal is that it's a free tool that's taking the place of costly statistical software packages that sometimes take an inordinate amount of time to learn. Plus, R enables a user to carry out complex statistical analyses by simply entering a few commands, making sophisticated analyses available and understandable to a wide audience. Statistical Analysis with R For Dummies enables you to perform these analyses and to fully understand their... Thor Muller - Get Lucky. How to Put Planned Serendipity to Work for You and Your Business Название: Get Lucky. How to Put Planned Serendipity to Work for You and Your Business Автор: Thor Muller Тип: PDF Книга A guide to getting luck on your side As the pace of change accelerates and the volume of information explodes, we're under great pressure to connect just in time with the people and ideas we need to thrive. But we can no longer plan our way to success—there will always be factors beyond our control. This uncertainty, however, cultivates one of today's key drivers of success: serendipity. More than blind luck, serendipity can produce quantifiable results: breakthrough ideas, relationships that matter, effortless cooperation, synchronized market timing, and more. Get Lucky shows businesses how to succeed by fostering the conditions for serendipity to occur early and often. Distills planned serendipity into eight key elements: preparedness, motion, activation, attraction, connection, commitment, porosity, and divergence Features stories of serendipity in action at well-known companies including Avon, Target, Steelcase, Google, Facebook, Walmart, and more Written by serial entrepreneurs... Hunter Muller - The Transformational CIO. Leadership and Innovation Strategies for IT Executives in a Rapidly Changing World Название: The Transformational CIO. Leadership and Innovation Strategies for IT Executives in a Rapidly Changing World Автор: Hunter Muller Тип: PDF Книга The Transformational CIO is chock full of stimulating thought leadership and useful knowledge that will help you leverage new and existing technologies to create business value, generate more revenue, increase profits and improve customer relationships in rapidly changing global markets. This book is a practical guide for senior executives seeking optimal returns on technology investments, now and in the future. Hot-button issues and essential topics covered in the book include: Vision and Organization Culture and Change Partnering with the Business The Art and Science of IT Leadership Team Building Cloud Computing Enterprise Collaboration Strategic Sourcing Executive Career Development The Transformational CIO features real-world stories and revealing anecdotes from CIOs and IT thought leaders at leading organizations as Disney, Kimberly-Clark, Kaiser Permanente, Dell, Flextronics, Wipro, Boston Scientific,, General Motors, Shell Oil, Pitney Bowes, IBM, Cisco, Siemens,... Lothar Müller - White Magic. The Age of Paper Название: White Magic. The Age of Paper Автор: Lothar Müller Тип: PDF Книга Paper is older than the printing press, and even in its unprinted state it was the great network medium behind the emergence of modern civilization. In the shape of bills, banknotes and accounting books it was indispensible to the economy. As forms and files it was essential to bureaucracy. As letters it became the setting for the invention of the modern soul, and as newsprint it became a stage for politics. In this brilliant new book Lothar Müller describes how paper made its way from China through the Arab world to Europe, where it permeated everyday life in a variety of formats from the thirteenth century onwards, and how the paper technology revolution of the nineteenth century paved the way for the creation of the modern daily press. His key witnesses are the works of Rabelais and Grimmelshausen, Balzac and Herman Melville, James Joyce and Paul Valéry. Müller writes not only about books, however: he also writes about pamphlets, playing cards, papercutting and legal pads. We think... Michael Muller - Ideenfindung, Problemlösen, Innovation Название: Ideenfindung, Problemlösen, Innovation Автор: Michael Muller Тип: PDF Книга Dieses Buch unterscheidet sich deutlich von anderen Werken zu den Themen Ideenfindung, Problemlosen und Innovation: Die beschriebene Methodik funktioniert allein und im Team, mit erheblich geringerem Aufwand und sie wirkt fur technische und andere Systeme. Das Buch beschreibt, wie man Ziele findet und optimiert, wie man zum Losen von Problemen die richtigen Mittel und unterschiedliche Abstraktionsniveaus einsetzt, wie man Widerspruche und Fragestellungen so darstellt, dass Losungen manchmal ganz einfach erscheinen, wie man Systeme optimal strukturiert und wie man schlie?lich auch faire, uberzeugende Auswege bei unlosbaren Problemen findet. Da die – unter dem Namen PROMETIK bekannte – Methodik auf einem Systemansatz basiert, ist sie fur alle Arten von Produkten und Systemen geeignet. Zielgruppen des Buchs sind somit nicht nur Ingenieure, Techniker und Naturwissenschaftler, sondern auch Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaftler sowie alle anderen Personen, die an der Entwicklung und... Monika Müller - Photovoltaic Modeling Handbook Название: Photovoltaic Modeling Handbook Автор: Monika Müller Тип: PDF Книга This book provides the reader with a solid understanding of the fundamental modeling of photovoltaic devices. After the material independent limit of photovoltaic conversion, the readers are introduced to the most well-known theory of «classical» silicon modeling. Based on this, for each of the most important PV materials, their performance under different conditions is modeled. This book also covers different modeling approaches, from very fundamental theoretic investigations to applied numeric simulations based on experimental values. The book concludes wth a chapter on the influence of spectral variations. The information is supported by providing the names of simulation software and basic literature to the field. The information in the book gives the user specific application with a solid background in hand, to judge which materials could be appropriate as well as realistic expectations of the performance the devices could achieve. Hunter Muller - The CEO of Technology. Lead, Reimagine, and Reinvent to Drive Growth and Create Value in Unprecedented Times Название: The CEO of Technology. Lead, Reimagine, and Reinvent to Drive Growth and Create Value in Unprecedented Times Автор: Hunter Muller Тип: PDF Книга The CIO playbook, with lessons from the world's best leaders The CEO of Technology shows today's CIOs how to become exceptional leaders and bring value to their organization. By taking lessons from some of the world's best CEOs, you'll develop the traits and characteristics that drive legendary leadership. Interviews with top executives at leading global technology companies including Apple, Boeing, Direct TV, Facebook, Texas Instruments, and more provide deep and valuable insight into what it means to lead in a hyper-driven tech environment. These stories provide valuable lessons that don't come from a classroom, but only from the in-the-trenches experience of the world's best leaders—coupled with a groundbreaking leadership approach designed for the demands of today's markets, to give you the ultimate CIO handbook. You'll learn how to maximize the value of your greatest asset—your team—and how to drive performance to unprecedented levels. You'll discover how great leaders... Germar Müller - Grundlagen elektrischer Maschinen Название: Grundlagen elektrischer Maschinen Автор: Germar Müller Тип: PDF Книга Dieses bewahrte Handbuch fur Ingenieure der Elektrotechnik liefert als erster Teil der etablierten Buchreihe 'Elektrische Maschinen' eine in sich geschlossene Einfuhrung in die Grundlagen elektrischer Maschinen. Der Aufbau und die Wirkungsweise der wichtigsten Arten elektrischer Maschinen – Transformatoren, Gleichstrommaschinen, Induktionsmaschinen und Synchronmaschinen – werden fur Einsteiger verstandlich und dennoch mit beispielhafter wissenschaftlicher Exaktheit erlautert. Die vorliegende zehnte Auflage wurde um Abschnitte erganzt, die Bezug auf aktuelle technische Entwicklungen nehmen. So wurden den Besonderheiten permanenterregter Synchronmaschinen und synchroner Reluktanzmaschinen, ihrer gewachsenen Bedeutung entsprechend, ebenso eigene Abschnitte gewidmet wie den Anforderungen an die Energieeffizienz. Bei den Induktionsmaschinen wurde die Behandlung ohne Vernachlassigung des Standerwicklungswiderstands sowie die Darstellung des Betriebsverhaltens von doppeltgespeisten Maschinen... Bert Müller - Nanoscience and Nanotechnology for Human Health Название: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology for Human Health Автор: Bert Müller Тип: PDF Книга Unique in combining the expertise of practitioners from university hospitals and that of academic researchers, this timely monograph presents selected topics catering specifically to the needs and interests of natural scientists and engineers as well as physicians who are concerned with developing nanotechnology-based treatments to improve human health. To this end, the book cover the materials aspects of nanomedicine, such as the hierarchical structure of biological materials, the imaging of hard and soft tissues and, in particular, concrete examples of nanotechnology-based approaches in modern medical treatments. The whole is rounded off by a discussion of the opportunities and risks of using nanotechnology and nanomaterials in medicine, backed by case studies taken from real life. Sylke Müller - Comprehensive Analysis of Parasite Biology. From Metabolism to Drug Discovery Название: Comprehensive Analysis of Parasite Biology. From Metabolism to Drug Discovery Автор: Sylke Müller Тип: PDF Книга Written and edited by experts in the field, this book brings together the current state of the art in phenotypic and rational, target-based approaches to drug discovery against pathogenic protozoa. The chapters focus particularly on virtual compounds and high throughput screening, natural products, computer-assisted drug design, structure-based drug design, mechanism of action identification, and pathway modelling. Furthermore, state-of the art «omics» technologies are described and currently studied enzymatic drug targets are discussed. Mathematical, systems biology-based approaches are introduced as new methodologies for dissecting complex aspects of pathogen survival mechanisms and for target identification. In addition, recently developed anti-parasitic agents targeting particular pathways, which serve as lead compounds for further drug development, are presented. Germar Müller - Berechnung elektrischer Maschinen Название: Berechnung elektrischer Maschinen Автор: Germar Müller Тип: PDF Книга Grundlage der Berechnung elektrischer Maschinen ist das Verstandnis wesentlicher physikalischer Zusammenhange. Im zweiten Band der Reihe Elektrische Maschinen werden diese Zusammenhange schrittweise herausgearbeitet und analytisch formuliert. Das Lehrbuch stellt alle Werkzeuge bereit, die zur Berechnung rotierender elektrischer Maschinen benotigt werden. Es zeichnet sich durch eine fur die Buchreihe Elektrische Maschinen typische einheitliche und geschlossene Darstellungsweise aus. Das erste Kapitel widmet sich ausfuhrlich den Wicklungen elektrischer Maschinen, und in den Kapiteln 2 bis 8 werden die weiteren Elemente und Effekte vorgestellt, die in allen Maschinenarten vorkommen. Mit diesem 'Baukasten' wird anschlie?end der komplette Entwurfs- und Berechnungsgang wichtiger Maschinenarten behandelt. Dabei werden typische Anforderungen aus der Praxis und Optimierungsfragen ausfuhrlich berucksichtigt. Dieses Handbuch ist unentbehrlich fur die Berechnungspraxis und eine wertvolle... Sven-David Muller - Название:  Автор: Sven-David Muller Тип: Книга Elisabeth Steinmüller-Segge / Элизабет Штайнмюллер-Зегге - Взлет Название: Взлет Автор: Elisabeth Steinmüller-Segge / Элизабет Штайнмюллер-Зегге Тип: Книга Взлет – новые прекрасные ощущения, впечатления, путешествия. Взлет – вдохновение, поиск особенных форм в стихосложении. В книге собраны стихи разных лет и разных жанров (стихи-эксперименты, подобие рэпа), несущие оттенки открытия мира, моменты взросления и некоторые выводы. Тематика произведений также различна (о чувствах и философии мира, о вдохновении и его предчувствии, о природе, о детстве, о путешествиях, об искусстве). Friedrich Max Müller - Chips from a German Workshop, Volume 1 Название: Chips from a German Workshop, Volume 1 Автор: Friedrich Max Müller Тип: Книга