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Inglath Cooper - The Lost Daughter Of Pigeon Hollow Название: The Lost Daughter Of Pigeon Hollow Автор: Inglath Cooper Тип: Книга Willa Addison doesn't believe in fairy talesShe's too busy running her mother's diner and raising her wild teenage sister. She doesn't like to dwell on the dreams she once had, dreams she put on hold. Then Owen Miller walks into her diner and changes her life.She doesn't know what to think when Owen hands her a letter from her father–a father she thought was dead–requesting they meet. As if that wasn't enough, her sister has become more than she can handle. It's time for Willa to figure out what's happened to her life. And maybe, with Owen around, she can finally believe in happily ever after…. Inglath Cooper - John Riley's Girl Название: John Riley's Girl Автор: Inglath Cooper Тип: Книга You're invited to a reunion! Are you brave enough to attend?When Olivia Ashford first receives the invitation to her high school reunion, she dismisses it. After all, she'd left Summerville–and John Riley–and never looked back. But her life now seems incomplete, and she begins to wonder if she's ever really moved on.In order to lay some ghosts to rest, Olivia goes home. She rediscovers friendships, visits old hangouts and comes face-to-face with John. She remembers how much she once loved him, how safe he made her feel, how he was always there for her–except for the one time she needed him most. Jillian Hart - Cooper's Wife Название: Cooper's Wife Автор: Jillian Hart Тип: Книга Sheriff Braddock's Proposal Seemed Too Good To Be TrueA new life dawned for Anna Bauer and her daughter under the wide Montana sky. The past was finally behind them, and the future meant a home and the welcoming arms of a loving father in search of a bride. Or so Anna thought… . Cooper Braddock had too many females in his life already.He hadn't arranged this marriage – his two determined little girls had. And though half the town thought that he and Anna would make the perfect couple, Cooper wasn't convinced. How convenient would it be to be married to the most beautiful woman in town! Shelley Cooper - Dad In Blue Название: Dad In Blue Автор: Shelley Cooper Тип: Книга WILL YOU HELP ME HELP MY SON?The beseeching words were spoken by the most enchanting woman police chief Carlo Garibaldi had ever encountered. But Samantha Underwood was off-limits, the widow of an officer he'd lost during his watch. Now she stood before him, enlisting his help to make her boy smile again.Carlo's gut told him to refuse, but in his heart, his very soul, he wanted to be a hero to mother and son. He couldn't resist trying to coax quiet Jeffrey to talk again, laugh again, be a little boy. And he couldn't resist falling for the one woman he didn't have the right to love…. Inglath Cooper - A Gift Of Grace Название: A Gift Of Grace Автор: Inglath Cooper Тип: Книга Sometimes good can come from the worst moments…In a moment of grief, Caleb Tucker made the biggest mistake of his life. He gave away his wife's baby, born under the most tragic circumstances.Three years later he gets a second chance. All because Sophie Owens walks into his feed store with her little girl–a little girl who looks a lot like his late wife. But in order to get his second chance, he'll have to ruin Sophie's world.Perhaps, though, a gift of grace could save them both. Inglath Cooper - A Year And A Day Название: A Year And A Day Автор: Inglath Cooper Тип: Книга Carol Finch - Cooper's Woman Название: Cooper's Woman Автор: Carol Finch Тип: Книга Alexa Quinn wanted much more from life than a society wedding. She was determined to make her busy father see her true worth. So when secrets and lies threatened the good work he was doing, Alexa seized her chance to save not only her father, but herself as well. Enter Wyatt Cooper–ex-lawman, legendary gunslinger and a fine-looking man!He was the best in the West for stopping trouble in its tracks, but for Alexa he meant excitement, adventure and danger. Just what she was looking for. . . . Paula Graves - Cooper Vengeance Название: Cooper Vengeance Автор: Paula Graves Тип: Книга J. D.Cooper had left no stone unturned when investigating a cold case that hit much too close to home. Or so he'd thought. Thanks to small-town deputy Natalie Becker, new evidence had surfaced that might lead J.D. closer to the truth. But Natalie had a stake in this situation, too, and claimed that joining forces was their best strategy–and their best hope. Problem was, after years of working alone to solve a seemingly unsolvable crime, J.D. found himself distracted by his beautiful partner and her passion for doing the right thing. He'd never met anyone like her and that scared him as much as this unidentifiable madman…until Natalie was made his next target. Katy Cooper - Lord Sebastian's Wife Название: Lord Sebastian's Wife Автор: Katy Cooper Тип: Книга Shelley Cooper - Laura And The Lawman Название: Laura And The Lawman Автор: Shelley Cooper Тип: Книга Police officer Laura Langley's objective was clear: pose as art appraiser Ruby O'Toole and infiltrate suspected drug kingpin Joseph Merrill's organization. Yet thoughts of another man consumed her day and night. Joseph's mysterious employee Michael Corsi had a sensual stare that made Laura forget her purpose, his magnetism threatening her guarded heart. With the undercover investigation at stake, Laura had to resist the desire Michael awakened in her.Because she knew how deadly falling for a man who might be on the wrong side of the law could be. Then she discovered that she wasn't the only one masquerading. But with their covers nearly blown, would their passion survive another night? Shelley Cooper - Promises, Promises Название: Promises, Promises Автор: Shelley Cooper Тип: Книга Have a wild, crazy affair. Of all the promises Gretchen Montgomery was asked to keep after her friend's death, this one posed a problem. Gretchen was not wild or crazy.She didn't even know any eligible men – except her tenant, Dr. Marco Garibaldi. A look from him made her toes curl. Could she have an affair with him? Well, she had promised…. Marco had made a promise, too. Never marry. A physician's life was too demanding. But as his attraction to Gretchen grew, he couldn't resist her sweet seduction.Their wild, crazy affair had begun. But it was suddenly interrupted when Gretchen announced she was pregnant. And Marco amazed himself when he considered doing something he'd promised never to do – propose! Jennifer Taylor - Saving Dr Cooper Название: Saving Dr Cooper Автор: Jennifer Taylor Тип: Книга A&E doctor Heather Cooper isn't looking for love. She's got her career and her daughter to keep her busy. But when she crosses paths with a daring firefighter, she's frightened by the strength of her emotions – she doesn't want another hero in her life.As a firefighter, Ross Tanner isn't afraid of danger. Heather may be held back by her fears – but he is not. To Ross, life is too short not to live it to the fullest, and he's determined to prove to Heather that his love for her and her daughter is too precious to ignore. Inglath Cooper - A Woman With Secrets Название: A Woman With Secrets Автор: Inglath Cooper Тип: Книга The truth about Kate…Kate Winthrop' s sizable inheritance was stolen by her ex-husband. So she does what any wronged woman would–she gets even. When she breaks in to his empty house, she stumbles onto a large sum of her money. She takes it and boards a boat destined for the Caribbean. All Kate wants is a place to hide. She doesn' t expect the other passengers to become friends, and she certainly doesn' t expect to fall in love with the ship' s captain, Cole Hunter.Although Cole seems to return her feelings, he has a tough time trusting, since he' s also been betrayed by an ex. But secrets can be hard to hide, and they could ruin everything between Cole and Kate. John Fisher - Tommy Cooper: Always Leave Them Laughing: The Definitive Biography of a Comedy Legend Название: Tommy Cooper: Always Leave Them Laughing: The Definitive Biography of a Comedy Legend Автор: John Fisher Тип: Книга The first ever intimate portrait of Britain’s best-loved, but little known, comedy entertainer. Fully authorised, and written by Cooper’s friend and colleague John Fisher.More than just a comedian, Tommy Cooper was a born entertainer. Working in a golden age of British comedy, Cooper stood – literally – head and shoulders above the crowd, and had a magical talent for humour that defied description.But there was a man behind the laughter that few people saw. John Fisher was Cooper's friend and colleague and witnessed first-hand the moments of self-doubt and inadequacy that contrasted with the genial exterior. Until his tragic death on live television in 1984, Tommy Cooper lived in constant fear of the day he would be found out by his audience. He could never accept the accolades that came so thick and fast from every direction, and died to the sounds of laughter that he never really believed.Supplementing his own intimate knowledge with material accessed for the first time from... Simon Cooper - The Otters’ Tale Название: The Otters’ Tale Автор: Simon Cooper Тип: Книга Otters hold an almost unique place in the animal kingdom of the British Isles, being one of the very few creatures that give birth once every two years. They are the most secretive yet also the most popular mammals – they are found in every county but are so rarely seen that they have been raised to mythical status.When Simon Cooper bought an abandoned water mill that straddles a small chalkstream in southern England, little did he know that he would come to share the mill with a family of wild otters. Yet move in they did, allowing him to begin to observe them, soon immersing himself in their daily routines and movements. He developed an extraordinary close relationship with the family, which in turn gave him a unique insight into the life of these fascinating creatures.Cooper interweaves the personal story of the female otter, Kuschta, with the natural history of the otter in the British Isles, only recently brought back from the brink of extinction through tireless conservation... James Fenimore Cooper - Зверобій Название: Зверобій Автор: James Fenimore Cooper Тип: Книга Дикі ліси Північної Америки ще населяють войовничі племена індіанців, і мало хто з білих поселенців наважується заглиблюватись у ті хащі. Але хоробрий мисливець на прізвисько Звіробій, що виріс в індіанському племені, добре знайомий зі звичаями тутешніх мешканців. Юнак прибуває до берегів озера Мерехтливе Свічадо, щоб допомогти своєму другові, могікану Чингачгуку, наречена якого була викрадена ворожим плем’ям гуронів. Аби врятувати з полону прекрасну дівчину, відважним друзям-відчайдухам доведеться поринути у небезпечні пригоди.