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Malcolm Brenner - Cancer Gene Therapy by Viral and Non-viral Vectors Название: Cancer Gene Therapy by Viral and Non-viral Vectors Автор: Malcolm Brenner Тип: PDF Книга Provides expert, state-of-the-art insight into the current progress of viral and non-viral gene therapy Translational medicine has opened the gateway to the era of personalized or precision medicine. No longer a one-size-fits-all approach, the treatment of cancer is now based on an understanding of underlying biologic mechanisms and is increasingly being tailored to the molecular specificity of a tumor. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the pertinent molecular discoveries in the cancer field and explains how these are being used for gene-based cancer therapies. Designed as a volume in the Translational Oncology book series, Cancer Gene Therapy by Viral and Non-viral Vectors deals with the practice of gene-therapy, with reference to vectors for gene expression and gene transfer, as well as viral therapy. It covers the history and current and future applications of gene transfer in cancer, and provides expert insight on the progress of viral and non-viral gene therapy with... Gail Brenner - Frases en Inglés Para Dummies Название: Frases en Inglés Para Dummies Автор: Gail Brenner Тип: PDF Книга Una guía práctica para las personas de habla hispana que desean aprender inglés Escrito para millones de americanos que hablan español y quieren mejorar o aprender inglés. Ingles Frases Para Dummies es un recurso básico para mejorar su comunicación en el mundo de habla inglesa. Escrito por Gail Brenner, un escritor veterano, editor, y traductor con más de treinta años de experiencia, este libro le ayudara a entender lo básico para poder hablar inglés con confianza. Escrito por un experto lingüístico y traductor Ofrece frases comunes en inglés para ayudar a navegar el idioma más fácilmente Incluye ejemplos útiles de que decir en caso de emergencia Con Ingles Frases para Dummies como sú guía, usted puede mejorar su inglés y afinar sus habilidades con el idioma. ENGLISH DESCRIPTION A handy guide for Spanish speakers who wish to learn English Written for the millions of Americans who speak Spanish and want to improve or learn English, Ingles Frases Para Dummies is a... Ilene Brenner - How to Survive a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit. The Physician's Roadmap for Success Название: How to Survive a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit. The Physician's Roadmap for Success Автор: Ilene Brenner Тип: PDF Книга Everyone seeks to avoid getting into a lawsuit, but what do you do if this does happen? Getting sued for medical malpractice is one of the most traumatic events of a physician's career. This text will guide doctors and physicians through the process from the moment they receive a summons until the after-trial appeal process. Containing valuable information that physicians need to know to prevent making critical mistakes that can hurt their case With strategies explained to maximize their chances of a defendant's verdict. Including vital information on how to change your attorney, act at the deposition and dress for court, Navigating through what is a mysterious and terrifying process in non-legalese language that is easy to understand including what makes patients angry, strategies for coping, sample questions and tips on answering them to what happens in court and how to continue if there is a bad outcome.