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Keith Boswell - Exterior Building Enclosures. Design Process and Composition for Innovative Facades Название: Exterior Building Enclosures. Design Process and Composition for Innovative Facades Автор: Keith Boswell Тип: PDF Книга A comprehensive guide to the design and execution of sophisticated exterior building enclosures Focused on the design process for architects and related professionals, this book addresses the design and execution of sophisticated exterior building enclosures for a number of commercial building types and in a variety of building materials. It focuses on the design process by delineating enclosure basics, the participants (owners, architects, engineers, consultants) and their roles and responsibilities through collaboration, and tracking the design process through construction. This comprehensive handbook covers all of the factors that affect the design of a building enclosure, including function, visual aesthetics, performance requirements, and many other criteria. In-depth case studies of projects of various scales, types, and climate conditions illustrate the successful implementation of exterior wall enclosure solutions in brick masonry, stone, architectural concrete, glass, and... Barbara Boswell - Family Feud Название: Family Feud Автор: Barbara Boswell Тип: Книга Mr. September Name:Garrett McGrath Game: F-U-N! Flame: Headstrong Shelby Halford Aim: To get Shelby from the boardroom to the bedroom! I've got three beliefs:1. You want what you can't have;2. Business and pleasure should always mix;3. No challenge is too great.And showing Miss Haughty Halford how much fun work can be is the perfect way to put my policies into action. I know she thinks her blue blood can't mix with my blue-collar background.But give me a few weeks alone with «Her Royal Highness» in this steamy tropical paradise, and I'll teach Shelby all about mergers and acquisitions… of the most intimate kind! Barbara Boswell - A Fortune's Children's Wedding Название: A Fortune's Children's Wedding Автор: Barbara Boswell Тип: Книга Was beautiful, headstrong Angelica Carroll another supposed long-lost heiress claiming her right to the Fortune family riches? Not this time. Because twenty-five years ago, someone saw to it that the new baby Fortune remained a secret.And now someone–maybe the heiress, maybe one of their own–was blackmailing the powerful, wealthy Fortunes big-time.Yet when the family hired private investigator Flynt Corrigan to insinuate himself into Angelica's life, the handsome, jaded man mysteriously married the heiress. And now everyone–including the love-struck new bride–had a private stake in keeping the mystery under wraps…. Barbara Boswell - Forever Flint Название: Forever Flint Автор: Barbara Boswell Тип: Книга MEN of the YEAR MAN of the Month «If you're pregnant, we're getting married!» -Flint Paradise, CEO and surprised father-to-be After a single night of passion put Ashlinn Carey in the family way, millionaire businessman Flint Paradise acquired a very stubborn, pregnant bride. Ashlinn made it clear that unless his shotgun vows included loving and cherishing their baby, it wouldn't be a warm, willing wife he'd come home to.But the rugged loner didn't know the first thing about loving anyone . And with the sexiest woman he'd ever seen expecting his child, Flint wasn't about to wait nine months to start learning… . Some men are made for lovin' – and you'll love our MAN OF THE MONTH! Barbara Boswell - Who's The Boss? Название: Who's The Boss? Автор: Barbara Boswell Тип: Книга MR. MAY Man: Cade Austin, CEO of BrenCO Mission: To lure pretty Kylie Brennan out of the boardroom and into the bedroom! Mistake: Letting her know his not-so-honorable intentions… Cade didn't need a meddling woman in his life! So when the late owner of BrenCo left him 49% of the company – and Kylie the other 51% – Cade decided he would buy her out, then get her way out of town.But when she came strolling into the office – all lush curves and long legs – Cade knew that this was one woman he wasn't going to let out of his sight for long!MAN OF THE MONTH: Could he talk his business partner into becoming his marriage partner? Barbara Boswell - That Marriageable Man! Название: That Marriageable Man! Автор: Barbara Boswell Тип: Книга MAN of the Month MR. JUNEThat Marriageable Man: Tall, dark and very sexy Rafe Paradise was single and satisfied – until he «inherited» four mischievous kidsHis Ultimate Dilemma: Being a devoted dad without getting hitchedThat Marriageable Woman: Next-door darling Holly Casale.She knew exactly what Rafe needed – her! Rafe was determined to be an exceptional single father. But keeping his mind strictly on fatherhood was impossible with luscious Holly offering helpful parenting hints. Besides, Rafe was more interested in what his eligible neighbor knew about making children than raising them.But taking her as his lover would mean making her his wife! And marriage was the farthest thing from his mind – wasn't it?MAN OF THE MONTH: This seductive bachelor finds love – under his very roof! Barbara Boswell - The Brennan Baby Название: The Brennan Baby Автор: Barbara Boswell Тип: Книга MAN of the Month MR. FEBRUARYThe Brennan Man: The very handsome and sexy Dr. Devlin Brennan, expertly skilled in the operating room… and the bedroom.The Brennan Charm: His bedside manner could win over any woman – except Gillian Bailey, the one who really mattered.The Brennan Baby?: Seems Gillian had some serious explaining to do… So Devlin was a daddy!He and Gillian had definitely shared some heated moments. But she'd walked away first – a fact that still rubbed love-'em-and-leave-'em Brennan the wrong way. And now that he knew about his child, he wasn't letting Gillian get away again.Devlin would make sure his baby had his name, and the woman he'd never forgotten would once again share his bed. Even if it meant resorting to… marriage! Barbara Boswell - The Engagement Party Название: The Engagement Party Автор: Barbara Boswell Тип: Книга The Brooding Bachelor Three marriage proposals and not one walk down the aisle had Hannah Farley swearing off men forever. Until the sexiest stranger Clover, South Carolina, had ever seen turned up. With his black eyes, black T-shirt, black worn jeans and a temper to match, Matthew Granger was an irresistible challenge!But all the man did was stomp around town and ask strange questions. He wanted something – and obviously it wasn't a blushing bride. Of course, Hannah knew there were ways to tempt the truth out of the most secretive of men… . Barbara Boswell - The Wilde Bunch Название: The Wilde Bunch Автор: Barbara Boswell Тип: Книга Mr. August Wilde Man: Rancher Mac Wilde desperately needed a woman's help.Not-so-wild Woman: Kara Kirby could be a wonderful wife, but would she agree to Mac's marriage proposal? Mac knew Kara hadn't come to Montana to find a husband! But this rugged cowboy needed Kara – not for himself, but to take care of his four rambunctious kids.There was no way he was going to let her get away without putting a ring on her finger, but Kara wasn't about to agree to a marriage without love! Barbara Boswell - Stand-In Bride Название: Stand-In Bride Автор: Barbara Boswell Тип: Книга They called him America's most eligible bachelor, but high-powered executive Michael Fortune didn't want a wife. So he offered his faithful secretary, Julia Chandler, a surprising proposition: become his pretend bride–for a price.Then the world would think he was married, and he could get back to business. Michael never questioned why unassuming Julia agreed to his outlandish charade. Or what would happen once their convenient engagement became a passion-filled affair…producing an unexpected heir to the Fortune dynasty.