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Вадим Зеланд - Кухня предков. Пища силы
Keith Frayn - Cardiovascular Disease. Diet, Nutrition and Emerging Risk Factors
Ortile Cristian - Re-Organiza Tu Dieta
María I. Tapia - Vitamine E Minerali Per Un'Ottima Salute
Paolo Diacono – Paulus Diaconus - Repenser Son Alimentation
Luca Casonato - Le Maux De Dos Est Mort
Lyudmila Ananieva - Olejki Eteryczne
Paolo Diacono – Paulus Diaconus - Re-Organize Your Diet
Barbara Moore - Textbook of Obesity. Biological, Psychological and Cultural Influences
Miguel Pérez - Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Health. A Multicultural Perspective
Tim Townshend - Obesogenic Environments. Complexities, Perceptions and Objective Measures
Janet Richardson - ABC of Complementary Medicine
Jen Nash - Diabetes and Wellbeing. Managing the Psychological and Emotional Challenges of Diabetes Types 1 and 2
Kevan Wylie - ABC of Sexual Health
Catriona Melville - Sexual and Reproductive Health at a Glance
Scott Carney - Mis ei tapa
Christina Hollis - The Tuscan Tycoon's Pregnant Housekeeper
Lucy Ellis - A Dangerous Solace
Amy Medling - Healing PCOS
Dr. Lustig - Fat Chance: The bitter truth about sugar