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HookupGeek’s Datingology Lab Ann Henley Jessica Walker Adam Evans Are you tired of the constant deceit following you every time you get signed up with a peculiar dating service? There is a real and efficient solution! Yes, HOOKUPGEEK has developed a real and… revolutionary anti-research within our BRAND-NEW and UNIQUE project called DATINGOLOGY. HookupGeek’s Datingology Lab Jessica Walker Adam Evans Ann Henley © Jessica Walker, 2020 © Adam Evans, 2020 © Ann Henley, 2020 ISBN 978-5-4498-2136-2 Created with Ridero smart publishing system HOOKUPGEEK Publishing USA | UK | Canada | Ireland | Australia India | New Zealand | South Africa | Japan HookupGeek is an official and licenced publisher and adult content reviewer, whose address can be found at hookupgeek.com HookupGeek is an official and licenced publisher and adult content reviewer, whose address can be found at hookupgeek.com HookupGeek Publishing USA First published in 2019 Published as an online resource 2020 All rights reserved Copyright © HookupGeek, 2019 Any possible translation ©HookupGeek, 2019 Except in the United States of America, this book is sold subject to the conditions that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, re-sold, hired out, or otherwise circulated without the publisher’s prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser www.hookupgeek.com HOOKUPGEEK Publishing is committed to a sustainable future for our business, our readers and our planet. This book is absolutely digital and can be printed from Sustainable Development Goals certified paper Acknowledgements The HOOKUPGEEK’s dating experts and the authors of this current anti-research are extremely thankful and send their hugs and kisses to the parties being unbelievably assisting and useful for planning, production, editing, and releasing this present anti-research. Preface Yo dudes! You’re now gonna read something absolutely mad, unique, specific and, of course, extremely informative being spiced with some pranks, kidding, and – to a particular extent – with some degree of common sense! We – as the HOOKUPGEEK’s team of experts – are gonna shed much light on the way the modern dating functions, how it’s been established, and how you’re gonna succeed in search of the best and the horniest experiences. What’s more, we’re not actually gonna pour unnecessary f – boring info over you to make you feel like hell when reading all this stuff. So, you’re expecting now the most unexpected and weird anti-research on the contemporary adult dating and hookup! Why anti-research? Just because this fab-flippin-tastic investigation ain’t gonna fill your sexy brain with the unnecessary god-knows-what-for stuff! BUT: using the scientific date, we’re gonna present it in the most amusing manner! Only facts, only fun, only real and efficient hints to guide you in the complicated world of online dating and hookup! So, kick all the rubbish off your head and enjoy this facismashing anti-research! You’re gonna have the most unique data at your disposal to have the habinar success to pick the best matches! Respectfully and hornily yours, HOOKUPGEEK’s Dating Experts Team and Evan Browns, a HOOKUPGEEK’s Digital Marketer, xxx Penetration… Sorry, Introduction! So, welcome, yay? Yep, y’all are always welcome! HOOKUPGEK (https://www.hookupgeek.com/)’s gonna start it all right away, so that you’ll be having the most fantastic time! Let’s go! About HOOKUPGEEK: A Short History And Essence Of Work We’re sure that you’ve always gone mad about the way how HOOKUPGEEK is built and how it works to deliver the best and the most credible product. Yep, we’re gonna disclose everything, so that you’ll leave all of your doubts behind (of course, if you dared to have any, lol!). So, in this section, we’re gonna show you everything! Well, HOOKUPGEEK has always been a reviewer of the dating websites of different categories. Being run in 2018, the company has already succeeded to gain numerous audiences and provide them with the reviews of the most cutting-edge dating sites, hookup apps, and webcam sites. So, in other words, we’ve been assisting y’all to sort out the best ones from the haggling options. And, yep, we’ve been doing it in the most hair brain style to keep you tuned! HOOKUPGEEK’s team of professionals is known to come across the websites in such a way that we critically assess them by providing you not only with the text version of our opinion but also with the visual representations of our unique so-called hookup rate of each particular service we’ve come through. After we have collected all the necessary data, we go arrange the real life dates to prove that a peculiar website either contains credible profiles to hook up and/or date or fakes you as if you’re an absolute dummy or a moron. You may also wonder what the hell it means when they say «a dating expert’! Right you are, since this is quite a reasonable issue to discuss. Of course, there is quite no college or university to have such professionals graduated. BUT! Our beloved experts, and you know their names – Jessica Walker, Adam Evans, and Ann Henley – are real experts in everything related to adult industry. How? Heh, that’s easy! We’ll let you know some private info of our experts in adult life. Thus, ★ Jessica Walker is a professional and diplomated family psychologist and sexologist. Possessing a Master’s degree, she is able to assess all of the conditions, which the dating apps and sites are based on. In addition, Jessica was an excellent student of Mayo Clinic School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins University. What is more, Jessica is an experienced dater, for her Master’s thesis was devoted to the contemporary online dating, its particularities, and mechanisms. She’s known to have had about 350 dates arranged, and she can truly evaluate the dating services; ★ Adam Evans is a sex therapist by profession and occupation. Having his MD—PhD degree, he used to work as a reproductive health specialist. Also, Adam was engaged in the Family Counselling field. Thus, he knows everything about dating, camming, and hookup; ★ Ann Henley has joined HOOKUPGEEK’s dating experts team not that long ago, but has already superinduced numerous fresh ideas and creative approaches, so that HOOKUPGEEK is on the new road to evolve. Ann’s profession is also a psychologist and a sex therapist, so she is indeed aware of what the adults are looking for when dating and hooking up. Working under the creative direction of Evan Browns – yep, that bearded and stylish pretty boy, who you can get in touch via the HOOKUPGEK’s contacts tab – the dating experts team’s work is getting more and more engaging and professional! So, this is actually why you’re now reading this holy piece of writing designed specially for you, our beloved and most respected readers! HOOKUPGEEK’s Datingology Disclaimer: please, kindly don’t think that HOOKUPGEEK’s gone nuts to invent our own science but we had no other choice, as we approach all this seriously! Yep, we despise those phony and dummy reviewers who write just another nonsense to fill the cyberspace. Moreover, because of our serious approach, you’ll be able to distinguish between the ham sammich persons and ham and egger ones who you can meet when using the dating apps and websites. So, datingology is coming now! We bet you’d’ve guessed already which two words this one’s been coined from. So, to put it clear and literally, this is just our informal and (for now) unacknowledged science studying the matters related to dating. Yeah, we’re avowing it and clearly communicate that no one has acknowledged our science, but we’re honestly taking a shit and giving a f – to it all, for we have some other purposes and we don’t need any titles and honors! Well, HOOKUPGEEK’s Datingology is aimed to, ● let y’all dudes know which dating websites and apps are particularly great and which of them are nothing else but just another holy shit to avoid; ● provide you with the greatest range of choice of the webcams which ain’t no thing but a chicken wing and which are to hornify you to the most best thing since sliced bread extent; ● ensure that you’re given the fan-fucking-tastic hints on dating and hooking up to catch the best cuties ever; ● deliver you the most f – unexpected and – along with this – the most credible insights on the info associated with a particular dating service (either it is a site or an app); and ● create your mood in such a way that it’d become off the heezy fosheezy and ensured you the greatest and the most curious sexual experiments with no negative consequences ever! Yay, as you might’ve noticed, HOOKUPGEEK is gonna take all the possible care of you, so that you ain’t ever gonna have any troubles with dating another kinky chick or a guy – hey, yeah, we’re acting regardless of the norms and traditions, so we tolerate merely any sexual preference you may come up with! This is why we’ve created datingology. Scroll down, and you’re gonna find out what secrets it hides and which details no other reviewer could disclose – but we can! Don’t listen to any other reviewers – they’re all f – fakes – only HOOKUPGEEK’s gonna let ya taste the pleasure! HOOKUPGEEK’s Anti-Research: What Is It All About? As you might’ve already noticed, this is a real anti-research, since we don’t use that boring scholar language and are aimed to light your way to sexual satisfaction up! What’s more, datingology is not an officially acknowledged science, so the research we’ve conducted can’t actually be a f – official one – but still it ain’t deprived of cool cat professionals’ contribution! Hence, what we used to create it all? About 200 sites and apps were analyzed by us, around 50 000 profiles of these sites and apps’ users were considered, and no more than 100,000 users’ reviews were collected to evaluate everything! Thus, within this anti-research you’re gonna find out much of the holy shit stuff to admire about that like namely, ★ super credible and up-to-date stats on everything related to dating; ★ super duper up the yin-yang facts to be funky monkey; ★ real and working hints on how to succeed in dating; ★ efficient pieces of advice on how to get the most unbearable satisfaction; ★ effective insights about the sex-up ideas for dates, users’ motives for using dating and hookup apps and websites; ★ really gorgeous and unique guide on how to pick up the best adult dating services, distinguish between the real and fake profiles and how to present yourself to hook up the best matches ever. As we showed you who are our experts are, you’ll have the assistance of the most professional users of dating services, so that you can really (!!!) count for their assistance right within this HOOKUPGEEK’s anti-research. Credibility And Authority Of HOOKUPGEEK’s Anti-Research Yep, this is just a reasonable section to cover, for – as our reader and as a possible user of the dating services – you gotta really be sure that you can trust us! So, these are the reasons why you can follow our hints and examples, ★ when reading any of the reviews we’ve elaborated for you, you can make your own judgements and come up with your own conclusions about a particular dating or webcam service; ★ we assess all the most important and impacting features of the sites and pay attention not only to the prices and design (as those dummy reviewers do) but to the security, presence of scam, hidden fees, and, of course, to the credibility of the profiles; ★ we arrange the real dates and compare if the profile owner has the same appearance in reality as they exhibited online; ★ we do not cooperate with neither of the websites, which we review, for our mission is some more different – that’s not all about ads, since we have no professionals in this domain; and, finally, ★ we’re just a team of the f – off the heezy fo’ sheezy persons, who just adore the job they’re performing and give everything to it! So, there is no one who’d’ve been better than we, as we’re snoochie boochies! Aim Of The Anti-Research We guess, it’d be quite reasonable to communicate both the aims HOOKUPGEEK is to fulfill and the aims, which you, our beloved reader, may have to read this f – sugar honey ice tea anti-research! So, HOOKUPGEEK’s coming first, and we’re sharing our main purposes to have this all stuff investigated and written, ★ we’re standing for the horniest and the most pleasant experiences our readers are expected to have; ★ we want each of the readers we have to obtain the best impressions out of hooking up and dating online; ★ we ourselves adore getting engaged in some passionate affairs to get the greatest and Jesus-made-it gratification; ★ we aim to disclose every part of our experience we have gained through all these years so that you’d be really equipped and armed with the tools to detect the scam and to use only the credible websites; ★ we have a purpose to improve the overall quality of the dating apps and sites to stop this evolving negative trend of having all the users scammed. As our reader (we do acknowledge, we love you more than heaven), you can have the following purposes why you gotta read all this crazy-man stuff which is being weird is not deprived of making your dick hard! So, you are likely to have the following purposes, ★ you’re exhausted of those f – experiments with me-don’t-know-what to grab the best dating site or hookup app; ★ you’ve wasted much dough for the online services, which showed you nothing else but the stupid blah-blah-blah and bot based profiles; ★ you’re in need of some sexual relations but it’s quite complicated to find them in the real life; ★ you’d be eager to have some serious ties if you’d’ve found at least any real person on one of those innumerable dating and hookup sites. Yay! Clapping! Our purposes are so similar so that you’re always welcome to step ahead and grab the most spiffylicious facts and actions to complete after reading the ideas by HOOKUPGEEK! So, give us your hands, and we’ll have it all together, you know! Possible Application Of The Results As any research – even the one, which’d be referred to with the prefix anti- – is supposed to possess at least any application. Otherwise, what on earth is the point of the writing!? So, regardless of the fact that this is just slamming beginning, and we’ve not told you anything special, we’d love to propose you the way in which you’re gonna use the data we’ll have shared with you! ★ you will forget about any scam you used to have when you didn’t read us; ★ you’ll be deprived of any negative impressions of the dating process, «cause you’re gonna have the most successful and mind-boggling experiences ever; ★ you’ll never have that awful waste of time and money for the fake dating and hookup services, as we’re gonna show you how to avoid it all; and, finally, ★ you’ll just be having the most everlasting pleasure whenever you want to, as you’ll know how to detect the scam and fraud and how to bran the credibility only! So, we bet, you’re gonna love these ways of our results’ application, and by the time you have finished the reading of this holy masterpiece, you’ll have arranged innumerable number of successful dates and you’ll have had the mind-boggling alluring experiences! Yep, HOOKUPGEEK guarantees! The Theory Of Online Dating Right here, we’re setting in motion! Yay, right here, you’re gonna figure it out all secrets and mechanisms of work of the dating websites and apps, as well as the main components of the websites to gate and hookup to refer them to the credible ones. In addition, we’re supposed to shed some light on the typology of the dating sites and show you the key differences, which you are to know when hooking up and dating! So, you’re gonna be a guru of the dating field of your life! Thus, in such a way, we’re not bearing down on the way the online dating works! Oh, how many great and funny facts has HOOKUPGEEK found out! We’re gonna get it all across in such a way that you’ll admire every detail! Online Dating: How It Works Online Dating In The Us Explained is the article being located on HOOKUPGEEK’s official website, and it is believed to serve the basic function of familiarizing y’all with the preliminary research by HOOKUPGEEK. So, we’re sure you’ve read it already, and still you’d’ve had some questions left unanswered. Yep, in this section, we’ll give you everything away! So, don’t just go after your success in adult dating and hookup – but possess it strongly and hard! Online Dating In The US Explained caused our readers to get engaged in so f – many discussions, so we’ve decided to expand the article from the site and enrich it with even more details, so we’re publishing it right here! Yay-yay! Everything what HOOKUPGEEK has gone over will be conversed in the experiences which we’re posting here for you exclusively, our beloved reader! Datingology and its theory have not been evolved to the super-duper great extent, yet, but we’ve done much to enrich this all bang up job with the tastiest and the most off the heezy fo’ sheezy and like whoa details! Remember that we ain’t gonna get y’all stuffed with the boring info – only the most cutting-edge details and facts! So, we include the following into the datingology theory, ★ the classification of the sites and apps based on dough you’re supposed to pay or not; ★ the presence of the additional features to make you jerk off more and more (if, say, the site contains a webcam shows tab, what’d you do, then?); ★ the psychology of the datings sites and apps and their users, so that you’ll know how to present yourself and how to detect the deceit of the other users; ★ fakes and their detection when using the adult dating and hookup sites and apps; and ★ so many other f – great things to explore! We’re sure you wanna know it all, since if you don’t you can’t count for any success in dating and, thus, you ain’t gonna have any cool sex with the horniest cuties you’d’ve hooked up using one of the websites! Finally, we’re gonna (as we gotta) hold you back from committing any indiscretions when dating online! So, truly count for the most protected dating and hookup online now! Matchmaking Principle One of the most important things, which each and every dating and hookup services are to possess is the matchmaking system being built in the work of the sites. What is it? Why is it necessary and important? How does it all work? HOOKUPGEEK’s gonna let you know everything! Matchmaking principle is the mechanism of finding the best match for you in the course of search you enable. In other words, when you’re looking over the search engine used for eliciting the profiles on the site or app, you can be eager to insert different filters to pick up the users who you’d really like. In this case, matchmaking mechanism is gonna expose you to the matches based on your search. Another mode, in which the matchmaking principle can work, is analysis of what you have filled out in your profile to compare it all with the other users’ profiles. So, if you thought you’d filled it all in just for fun or for any other purpose, you’d be mistaken. The most credible dating websites use all of your data from the profile in order to make your search not only the most resultative but also the most sensitive. To put it clear, for instance, you, say, insert that you’re 35 y.o. and you’re looking for a person aged between 30 y.o. and 35 y.o. It means that you’re passing out the information not only to the user who can eventually come across your profile but also to the website’s matchmaking system to let generate more suitable results, while the scam dating sites just put you down and enlist hell-knows-what just to make up an illusion of the multifaceted accounts at your disposal. 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