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Endovascular Interventions

Endovascular Interventions
Автор: Peter Faries
Описание книги
Edited by a multidisciplinary editor team, Endovascular Interventions familiarizes the practicing vascular and endovascular specialist (vascular surgeon, interventional cardiologist, interventional radiologist, endovascular neurologist, vascular medicine specialist) with the most common and accepted approach of endovascular management of peripheral vascular disease. The content also addresses urgent interventions in the acute setting of the various vascular beds, and covers new and emerging area such as stroke intervention and endovascular treatment of pulmonary embolism and vascular trauma. Highly illustrated templated chapters offer rapid referral and helpful clinical tools such as key learning points and sample questions and answers make this an ideal resource for those seeking certification or recertification of cardiology boards, interventional cardiology boards, or endovascular boards.
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