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Rivals Надежда Шляпина Svetochka Poltavskaya Two girls are afraid of losing their love and continue to fight for their happiness, but happiness, as they say, is not divided in half, and they will have to wait, whom their lover will choose, to whom each of them will belong. Rivals Svetochka Poltavskaya Надежда Шляпина © Svetochka Poltavskaya, 2019 © Надежда Шляпина, 2019 ISBN 978-5-4496-4620-0 Created with Ridero smart publishing system In a small shop or boutique, the name of that shop is"Skullhong”. I very long chose his armor until he found his beloved yellow judeu, went to the dressing room, but it is something I was a horror as big, I went to the bar with hangers, on which hung such as hoodia. I like a fool decided to spread my white hair and accidentally snagged the hair behind the hanger. I thought what should I do? as luck would have it the consultant is nowhere to be seen(which they always run?) well, the same as we have in Russia. But for some reason my heart started to emit strong sounds, like I was scared about something,(by the way is the same)it began to thump even faster.Then I remembered that it’s his shop and he was quite able to come here. Honky’s here and he won’t look at me. But it’s time to act! so I decided. Went in his Insta and wrote in a direct message.(take one step straight, two to the left.)The message quickly came to it, I heard some kind of melody. He began with the eyes what to look, again looked in his phone and walked towards me as the Navigator.Coming close, he was very surprised(well, not every time Russian girls come to Korea).Exchanged greetings and he said: – How did you manage? – I don’t know! He helped untangle the hair from the hanger.And then all??? laughed, Ah truth a bit.And he went away, I never saw him again. But one day my friend (she was also a prima Donna)called me to some kind of fansine and said to buy a gift and we wandered into the store and she bought a hat in the shape of a chicken and asked me: – What are you giving Hong Ki? – I don’t know! and she told me : – You can buy the same hat! I laughed and said: – What? are you kidding me, of course no offense well it looks like to dress up as a clown.(her God child)I broke down and blurted out in Russian, and she asked: – What did you just say, I don’t understand? – And you don’t have to understand my and your! and has decided that it is better not to know what I’m getting. I had an idea to give a tiny key. I ordered a jeweler and it turned out quite well, the key was very similar to his tattoo, well, it was conceived. When we came to fansign had a lot of people, but I did not go that were afraid to cross the line, the Korean society. But then he looked right at me and said,: – A “hanger?“come and sit! all of course turned around, but I knew that this is not a name calling, and so I was not confused and blurted out: – And Mr. “I give up.“I’ll stand. – No, it’s not gonna work! he grabbed my arm and forced me into a chair. All eyes were on us, I wasn’t scared, but it was a little. He further said his speech, something all answered.And I buried my face in my phone, my friend Sonhi said,: – Are you bored? you probably are not a prima and not love… I just put my hand to her lips and strained. : – Shut up! shut up! then she began to tell me( I knew that the Koreans are hot-tempered) – Why are you shutting me up? don’t want to do that, especially with him! – What to me, what is it you say you do not know. I love him. I shouted to the whole room that his speech was interrupted and he was staring at me, I could feel HIS eyes on me! But foo didn’t hear it. When everyone started to leave, I staggered to the door, but I heard the door shut in front of me. I saw him standing beside me. – And so “hanger” you said something? did I hear? I thought to myself, but I thought only in Russian and (what else is necessary? What?) – What is what? you. … – How did you end up here? if you were just there(I pointed to a table with microphones)that you body ported? – It happens! of course, I realized it was a joke, he’s a comedian acknowledgment. I again thought (my God his eyes I now’ll melt) – Again I hear, but our language is not similar to Russian, you again say something? I thought I’d better not think in front of him at all. When we went out together, I wanted to go my own way and everything, but he held my hand and did not let go then my old friend came up to us and said: Hey, it’s all over, sorry I’m late. Oh sorry for interrupting! I wanted to get at least one selfie.It seems today is not the day that will try my luck next time! I said, taking out some headphones. – Oh, you’re not alone, I think it’s not the time. Excuse me for interrupting, I’ll go there later. – I am going now. I still have a lot to do. I immediately thought(When the hell are you going to let me go?) He pressed his hands to his ears and said:: – Now stop thinking, I’m confused because of you, and what is the word"DAMN.” I felt funny so to speak in Russian, this word, but it sounded from his lips in Korean and it’s fucking really funny. I laughed, clutching my stomach and pulling away at the same time. – Stop! it’s not funny! I could not calm down and through clenched teeth: – It’s very funny, I do think the Koreans should not say Russian words, they sound ridiculous. – Look at yourself, she is Korean they do like, and do not THINK! You’re a little tight on the ear membrane of his Russian. I looked into his eyes and said plaintively: Mr. “give up” please let me go, have mercy on the Russian…(I immediately changed my mind) a girl.Then his eyes took a moment and he forced himself: “And whoever takes pity on me, take your voice out of my head.” – Eeeeeeeee that’s not real! I said. – But really, what I’m trying to think like a man, his women problems! – Well, let me go and you won’t have a problem! – No and again no, you come with me. – Oh! not today. – Just the same, only today, I want to figure this out and you’ll help me! – I don’t want anything, leave me alone! Then he leaned over and whispered to me.: – Then leave me alone, stop thinking. I immediately thought(Well, though you do not understand, know understand) – What’s with me these thoughts are killing me, you’re a specifically English blurted out that I heard. I nodded my head. Yeah you’re definitely not normal(Centova). – Maybe you’ll let go and we’ll part peacefully! – I think not! Let’s go! we went out on the street, I could barely keep up with him, still holding his hand. We came to a strange-looking room, to me not immediately doper(is that a fortune teller)In the middle on the table was a transparent balloon, I said: – I don’t believe those twists! I don’t! He sat me down behind a chair and sat down beside me. While whispering in my ear: – But I believe, and a flirt, you itself, “hanger!” Mr.“I Give Up.“stop playing! – I’m not playing, I’m serious.(Aha serious he bebebebe) – Don’t mind! this is not the time at all! And he addressed our problem to some middle-aged man and he started waving his hands in front of the ball. It’s quack! that won’t help. I answered.And this charlatan: Girl shut up, I can feel the energy of your phone( What? What?)I thought. Here brown eyes paying attention to me. – Again? What’s that? I pretended not to hear. Here vertihvost, looked at me your brown eyes(well, all Koreans have brown eyes) and said: – You are a girl obviously not from Korea. You can’t see that! I squeezed out. – What brings you to me? – Nothing led me to you, it was him! I pointed to Hong Ki and he pointed to me.:It’s her! I shook my head.Then he felt like he squeezes me hand with the force and bared its fangs.Staring at me.Me closer vertihvost and began waving his hands above my head and saying: – Collect all your thoughts and give to the interlocutor! – What? we said at the same time.And the tail: I’m serious! he’s asking me to do the impossible. I went to Hong Ki and said,: – Come on, I’m tired of your quack! He decided to repeat: – Charlitan!(well, it’s really funny)And I laughed.And he: – Why are you laughing at me again? – No! I’m not laughing! I couldn’t help myself. Hong Ki said: – Stop laughing, went from this Charlatan away! We went out and I went in the opposite direction and thought and started singing his songs, and then think in Korean(what a warm hand he has, how I want him!)I looked around to see if he was following me, but there was no one. I buried my face in my phone and later crashed, a familiar smell, of a man I loved.Then he pressed me against the wall, so I pressed myself into it and whispered in his ear: – Again? why I hear you and already understand? But the last words, I did not hear! You? you? how did you get here if you were there a few minutes ago, teleporting again? He nodded his head. When his hands held my body, I was carried away and I thought again in Korean(I Wonder what he is in bed?) – And here, I hear you, you sound like… I put my hand over his pretty mouth. – Don’t even think about talking! Then I took his hand away and he said,: – Is that true? – What is the truth? I mowed under the fool. I looked at his cheeks a little red.And he said: – Well, the fact that you like me! I shook my head. – No! not at all!(well, what else does he need) I thought. Now, I’ll cheat, I can hear your every thought and understand and do what the hell you doing? – It’s not me it’s you doing, put me up against the wall, what will people think? were you thinking of? – I do not care about people, I wanted to get your thoughts out of my head, I’m tired of women screaming! – It’s not the screams, and thoughts! We already yelled at each other. – I don’t care what it is, leave me alone! – And you, too! Then he let me go I went ahead and again climb thought(Snapper)From a distant I heard: – I’m not rude! I tried not to think, but not left, (Why I only fell in love with him, how I want HIM!)Far away hear: I hear you! (what is that?) Quack did what?)There was no response. Phew can’t hear so far. But here was turn the corner and he stands before me in this position, putting the foot forward: – So you want me? I shook my head and said,: – No, you’re imagining it! He leaned closer to me, so I swallowed.: “That you were afraid of me? Not a bit! please go your way and I and then you my mind will not hear, and let’s not intersect anywhere, EVER! – UUUUUUUUUU! it’s strict! – Strict? but for what you want to hear! So we parted! (In the evening of the same day I decided to go to the store, I had to buy something for work.And here otovaritsya I put purchases in a backpack and left the store. I was going to go home but out of the corner of my ear I heard a conversation between two girls. They discussed the discount in Skulking, more discounts on some things. In General, I decided to go in to buy something. Well? I’ve been going even stash did.The girls said that he’s not far away, even drew a map. I got to the store about an hour before closing, went inside and looked around, Perhaps first choose hoodia, then the rest. But no matter how much I looked, I could not find my size. With other models the same. Consultant for a long time watching these broke down and came up to me and asked – So how was it chosen? You’ve been here half an hour. – Unfortunately nothing, there is no my size. – Other models? – There’s the same thing.. I sighed. Hmm this can not be, well I’ll go to the warehouse, maybe there is something left.And you’ll mind yourself still a thing today is the day of discounts. – Em! I’m sorry if I can use the restroom, I really need to. – Of course! on corridor and on the right there see. – Thank you! I said, and as soon as he left I had to shoot back to the bathroom.In popyhi I noticed that I had the wrong door and ran into the men’s and once in a booth.And when they came they heard that someone came in. He sounded like a man, he was arguing with someone.At least that’s what I thought. Wait, I’m in the men’s room, man, I’m hit.So what’s to be done now? We’ll have to wait for him to leave. In my head flashed and then the door jerked. – What is busy, what a day today this blonde brain stem arranged. In General, he went into the next. I thought I know this voice and at the same time Yes cannot be! No, we should definitely get out of here while we can. Opening the door, I looked around and threw the hood over his head on tiptoe trotted to the door and was about to get out, but then I heard. Hey you wait! Who are you? what are you doing here? Why are you silent answer? It was so unexpected I already was stunned, but recovered quickly – Who am I? I asked again without turning around. – What do you usually do in the bathroom? Of course I already knew who is behind me, but still believe that I did not want. – What? I did not understand an alien or something? – D… Yes! I answered, still not looking back.And she thought (kapets fright at the Russian spoke to him.) – Wait-pay I already heard today something similar, you from Russia? Lucky me for the Russians today. And at all turn around already me the face of.It‘s not polite to talk with your back to the other person. – Okay, okay just wouldn’t know. In what way? he asked as he came closer. – Have we crossed paths before? – No, not exactly… I answered, turning and pulling the hood over my eyes.Shame really he, Oh not the way I imagined our meeting.It‘s just a joke. – What are a person hiding? – Nothing, I will have me there the seller is waiting! I said, backing to the door. Hey, Hey, Hey, take off your hood, something you don’t look like a guy! he said and stood in front of the door. – No way, he let me out immediately. I don’t! taking out a mobile he said.Then called someone and continued. – I’ll let you go when I want, and the seller will wait, so do not take off the hood? – No, no and no! – Well, you asked for it! he said, and began to pull off my hood. He cracked at the seams. – Okay, okay wait I’ll take off only cardigan off me not tear! Well! he said, letting go of his hood. I took off my backpack and put it next to me, then took off my hood. – What do you say? – I knew. How did you manage that? – Don’t ask, I can’t even think about it. – Wait a minute! leaning toward me, he said, “We crossed paths, I saw you somewhere.” – It is possible! – You’re exactly that ve’s friend… ahem blondes! – Well, you remember me! I looked him in the eye and said. Well, can you let me go already? – Nah, I’m not done yet. – Jesus, what do you want from me? I asked, folding my arms.And then suddenly the light went out. What’s happening? your job? I shouted. I wish I knew. Turn it on! conversely. I am… I’m afraid, I’m afraid of the dark.Please turn on the light! – I did not shut it off it must be all over the building. In the darkness I began to move forward hands, but bumped into his backpack fell on something soft and felt something touched my lips.The light came on as suddenly and I saw the whole picture of what had happened. How the hell did I end up on it? And were those his lips? What are you doing? You’re heavy get off of me already. – Sorry I accidentally, it was dark! I said jumping to my feet and taking the backpack ran into the corridor, then into the street and disappeared from sight forgetting your purchase.) In the evening I gathered with my Sleep Hee at a cafe and she suggested to drink soju, although I’m not very welcomed, but fairly drunk, my sweet girl disappeared somewhere. I couldn’t even get up from his chair, drunk as hell and thought(that’s what I drink, my b-day that summer and what I actually need to drink, stupid, stupid and again stupid.)I said to myself and then tap himself on the forehead. Opposite the sitting man and I saw some blond, Nona delivered value. Opposite : Конец ознакомительного фрагмента. Текст предоставлен ООО «ЛитРес». Прочитайте эту книгу целиком, купив полную легальную версию (https://www.litres.ru/pages/biblio_book/?art=41831598&lfrom=334617187) на ЛитРес. 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