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Tales Of The Seer Aldivan Teixeira Torres Tales of the Seer is a collection of the best stories published by the seer. The objective is to gather in a text the necessary help for a life analysis and positive replacement even in the face of casualties failures. This collection is inspiring and you can not lose for a price unique. “Tales of The Seer” Aldivan Teixeira Torres Tales Of The Seer ____________________________ By:Aldivan Teixeira Torres ©2018-Aldivan Teixeira Torres All the rights reserved E-mail:aldivanvid@hotmail.com Translator:Sara Pereira This book, including all its parts, is protected by copyright and don’t can to be reproduced without Autor’s permission, resold or transfered. Academic Qualifications: Degree in Mathematics with specialization in the same area. ___________________________________________________ Short Biography: Aldivan Teixeira Torres, was born in Arcoverde- PE, created the series “The Seer”, the series sons of the light, poetry and screenplays. His literary career started at the end of 2011 with the publication of his first romance work Opposing forces – the mystery of the cave. For whatever reason, he stopped writing only resuming his career in the second half of 2013. Since then he never stopped. He hopes that his writing will contribute to the Pernambuco and Brazilian culture, arousing the pleasure of reading in those that do not yet have the habit. His motto is “For literature, equality, fraternity, justice, dignity and the human being honour for ever”. Índice Dedication (#u5dbd9592-3522-5730-b5ae-98e5c56652b7) A Time of Anguish (#u49b04286-22fb-41f2-8187-42746ae4ee81) The path of well-being (#ua437f11c-a177-581d-bd65-23276604da08) The way (#u68b4fc73-57ac-4f3f-8ad8-5dac060530fa) Overcoming by Faith (#litres_trial_promo) The victory over the spiritual and carnal enemies (#litres_trial_promo) The Christs (#litres_trial_promo) The mission of man (#litres_trial_promo) The two paths (#litres_trial_promo) The choice (#litres_trial_promo) Destination (#litres_trial_promo) Kingdom of Light, October 1982 (#litres_trial_promo) Authenticity in a corrupted world (#litres_trial_promo) Sadness in difficult times (#litres_trial_promo) Seeking the Inner Peace (#litres_trial_promo) The Creator God (#litres_trial_promo) From weakness comes the strength (#litres_trial_promo) What to do in a delicate financial situation (#litres_trial_promo) Sophia (#litres_trial_promo) Justice (#litres_trial_promo) The Righteous and the relationship with Yahweh (#litres_trial_promo) The relationship with Yahweh (#litres_trial_promo) Dedication I dedicate this work to my God, my family and all who admire my work. Here is the meeting of my short stories published on the internet. I hope the collection helps somebody because this is their purpose. Law of return A Time of Anguish When survive a time of trouble and it appears that all the unrighteous are thriving, do not worry. Sooner or later, they will fall and the righteous will win. The ways of Yahweh are unknown, but are right and wise, and at no time will he forsake you, though the world condemn you. He does this so that his name will be perpetuated from generation to generation. The plant-harvest relationship All that you do on earth for his fellow man is written in the book of life. Every advice, donation, detachment, financial aid, kind words, praise, cooperation in charitable works among others is a step towards prosperity and happiness. Do not think that helping the other the greatest good is for the assisted. On the contrary, your soul is the most benefited by your actions and can fly higher flights. Have consciousness itself that nothing is for free, the good that we reap today was planted in the past. By chance, have you ever seen a home stand without foundation? So also, with each of our actions. To give or not to give alms? We live in a world of cruel and full of stalwarts. It is common for many people with good financial conditions to ask for alms in order to enrich themselves, a disguised act of robbery that sucks the already low salary of the workers. Faced with this situation, many refuse to help with a request for alms. Is this the best option? It is best to analyze case by case, feel the intention of the person. There are countless people on the street, there is no way to help everyone, that's true. But when your heart allows, help. Even if it is a fraud, the sin will be the intention of the other person. You have already done your part, contributed to a less unequal and more humane world. Congratulations for you. The act of teaching and learning We are in a world of atonement and testing, a world in constant change. In order to adapt to this environment, we find ourselves in a rich process of teaching and learning that is reflected in all environments. Take this opportunity, absorb the good things and deny the bad things so that your soul can evolve on the way to the father. Always be grateful. Thank God for your family, friends, traveling companions, and masters of life and for all those who believe in you. Give the universe a little of your happiness by being an apostle of good. Well worth it. How to act in the face of betrayal Be careful with the people, do not rely so easy. False friends will not think twice and they will tell their secret to everyone. When this happens, the best thing to do is to move away and put things in their proper places. If you can and have evolved enough, forgive. Forgiveness will free your soul from rancor and then you will be ready for new experiences. Forgiving does not mean forgetting because once the trust is broken, it does not come back anymore. Keep in mind the law of return which is the most just law of all. Whatever you do evil to the other will return with interest for you to pay. So, do not worry with the harm they have done to you, pray for your enemies and God will act justly giving what each one deserves. Love begets more love Blessed are those who have experienced love or passion. It is the most sublime feeling that exists that includes giving, surrender, resignation, understanding, tolerance and detachment from the material. However, we do not always have a corresponding feeling for the loved one and it is when pain and discouragement occurs. There is a time necessary for regret and respect this period. When you feel better, move on and do not regret anything. You have loved and, as a reward, God will show a way to another person, that he or she will follow your path forward. There is a high probability that she will be rejected by others to pay for the suffering caused. Thus, a vicious cycle is reinitiated, where we never have the one we truly love. Act on behalf of the poor, the excluded and subordinates Try to help the homeless, the orphans, the prostitutes, the abandoned and the unloved. Your reward will be great because they cannot reciprocate your goodwill. In a company, school, family and society in general treat everyone with equality regardless of their social class, religion, ethnicity, sexual choice, hierarchy or any specificity. Tolerance is a great virtue for you to have access to the highest heavenly courts. Final Remarks Well, that was the message I wanted to give. I hope these few lines will lighten your heart and make you a better person. Remember: It is always time to change and do well. Join us in this stream of good for a better world. Until the next tale. The path of well-being The way The human being in all his consciousness has two dimensions to be observed: The way he is seen and the way he is seen by society. The biggest mistake he can make is to try to fit a standard of society like ours. We live in a world that is mostly prejudiced, unequal, tyrannical, cruel, malicious, and full of betrayals, falsehood and material illusions. Absorbing good teachings and being authentic is the best way to feel at peace with yourself. Learning and knowing yourself better, being based on good values, liking yourself and others, valuing the family and practicing charity are ways to find success and happiness. In this trajectory there will be falls, victories, sorrows, happiness, and moments of leisure, war and peace. The important thing in all of this is to keep faith in yourself and a greater force whatever your belief. It is essential to leave all the bad memories behind and to follow your life forward. Make sure that Yahweh God prepares good surprises in which you will feel the true pleasure of living. Have optimism and perseverance. The ways to God I am the son of the father, the one who came to help this dimension in a truly consistent evolution. Here when I arrived I found a humanity totally messed up and diverted from my father's main goal in creating it. Today, what we see preponderantly are mean people, selfish, unbelieving, competitive, greedy and envious. I feel sorry for these people and try to help them the best way possible. I can show through my example the qualities that my father really wants to cultivate: Solidarity, understanding, cooperation, equality, brotherhood, company, mercy, justice, faith, claw, persistence, hope, dignity and, above all, love between beings. Another major problem is human pride in being part of a more favored group or class. Verily, I say unto you, this is not a reward before God. I am telling you that you have arms and open hearts to receive your children regardless of race, color, religion, social class, sexual orientation, political party, region, or any specificity. All are equal in regard to the father. However, some are more gracious for their works and pleasant soul. Time runs fast. So, do not miss the opportunity to collaborate for a better and more just universe. Help the afflicted, the sick, the poor, the friends, the enemies, the acquaintances, the strangers, the relatives, the strangers, the men and the women, the children, the young or the elderly, and help without expecting retribution. Great will be your reward before the father. Good teachers and apprentices We are in a world of atonement and evidence. We are interdependent beings and with lacking of affection, love, material resources and attention. Each lifetime will gain experience and convey something good to those closest to you. This mutual exchange is very important in order to reach a state of full peace and happiness. Understanding oneself, understanding another's pain, acting in the name of justice, transforming concepts, and experiencing the freedom that knowledge provides is priceless. It is a good that no one can steal from you. During my life I had great teachers: my spiritual and carnal father, my mother with her sweetness, teachers, friends, family in general, acquaintances, co-workers, guardian, Angel, Hindu, priestess, Renato (my Adventure partner), Philliphe Andrews (A man marked by a tragedy), so many other characters that with his personality marked my story. On the reverse of history, I mentored my nephews and the entire humanity through my books. I fulfilled the two roles well and I am in search of my own identity. The key of the question is to leave a good seed because as Jesus said: the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their father. Good practices to stay sober There are many ways to see the world and to get used to it. In my case in particular, I was able to maintain stability after a long time of internal spiritual preparation. From my experience, I can give tips on how to orient oneself in the face of life's inconstancy: Do not drink alcohol, do not smoke, do not use drugs, work, engage in pleasurable activity, hang out with friends, travel in good company, eating and dressing well, getting in touch with nature, fleeing from running and animation, rest your mind, listen to music, read books, do your domestic duties, be faithful to your values and beliefs, take care of the instruction of the younger ones, be pious, understanding and tolerant, join your spiritual group, pray, have faith and do not fear. Somehow fate will open the good doors for you and then you will find your way. Lots of luck is what I want for everyone. The value through the example Man is reflected through his works. This wise saying shows exactly how we should act in order to attain bliss. It is no good for man to have consolidated values if he does not put them into practice. More than good intentions we need consolidated attitudes so that the world can then be transformed. Feeling in the universe Learn to know yourself, to value yourself and to cooperate for the good of others. Much of our problems stem from our own fears and shortcomings. Knowing our weaknesses, we can fix them and plan in the future to improve as a human being. Follow your ethics without forgetting the right of who is by your side. Always be impartial, fair and generous. The way you treat the world will have as retribution success, peace and tranquility. Do not be too picky about yourself. Try to enjoy every moment of life from a learning perspective. Next time, you'll know exactly what to do. Feeling divine Nothing is by chance and everything that exists in the universe has its importance. Feel happy for the gift of life, for the opportunity to breathe, walk, work, see, embrace, kiss and give love. No one is an isolated piece, we are part of the universe gear. Try to do simple mental connection exercises. In your spare time, head to your room, sit on your bed, close your eyes and reflect on yourself and the universe itself. As you relax, your problems will be left behind and you will realize the rapprochement with the divine bond. Try to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. This light brings you the hope that it is possible to change, erase the mistakes of the past, forgive yourself and make peace with your enemies by making them friends. Forget the fights, the resentment, the fear and the doubts. All this only disturbs you. We are more active when we understand the other side and have the ability to move forward. Thank you for your health and that you still have time to resolve the issues. We are children of the father, we were created to help the planet to evolve and also to be happy. Yes, we can have everything if we deserve it. Some are happy alone, others alongside a partner, others engaging in one religion or creed, and others helping others. Happiness is relative. Never forget also that there will be days of despair and darkness and that it is at this moment that your faith should be more present. Faced with pain, finding a way out is sometimes very complicated. However, we have a God who never abandons us even if others do. Talk to him and then you will understand things better. Changing the routine The present world has become a great race against time for its own survival. We often spend more time at work than with our own family. This is not always healthy but it becomes necessary. Enjoy the days off to change your routine a bit. Go out with friends, spouse, go to parks, theaters, climb mountains, go swimming in the river or in the sea, go visit relatives, go to the cinema, to the football stadium, read books, watch TV, surf the internet and do new friendships. We need to change the routine view of things. We need to know a little of this vast world and enjoy what God has left. Think that we are not eternal, that at any moment something can happen and you are no longer among us. So, do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today. At the end of the day, thank the opportunity to be alive. This is the greatest gift we receive. World inequality verses justice We live in an inhuman, competitive and unequal world. Preponderant is the feeling of impunity, lack of love, avarice and indifference. Everything that Jesus taught in the past is often not being put into practice. So, what's the point of him fighting so hard for a better world if we do not value it? It is very easy to speak that understands the pain of the other, sometimes have solidarity and compassion seeing an image on the internet or even on the street in front of an abandoned child. Difficult is to have attitude and try to change this story. Without doubt, the misery of the world is very great and we cannot help everyone. God will not require this of you in judgment. However, if you can at least help your neighbor you will already be of good size. But who is our neighbor? Is your unemployed brother, your neighbor sad for having lost his wife, is your co-worker in need of his guidance. Every act of your being that counts a lot on the aspect of evolution. Remember: We are what our deeds are. Always try to help. I will not require your perfection, this is something that does not exist in this world. What I want is for you to love your neighbor, my father, and yourself. I am here to show again how great my love for humanity is despite not deserving it. I suffer greatly from human misery and will try to use it as an instrument of my goodwill. However, I need your permission to be able to act in your life. Are you prepared to really live my will and my father's? The answer to this question will be a definite landmark in your existence. Конец ознакомительного фрагмента. Текст предоставлен ООО «ЛитРес». Прочитайте эту книгу целиком, купив полную легальную версию (https://www.litres.ru/pages/biblio_book/?art=40208519&lfrom=334617187) на ЛитРес. Безопасно оплатить книгу можно банковской картой Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, со счета мобильного телефона, с платежного терминала, в салоне МТС или Связной, через PayPal, WebMoney, Яндекс.Деньги, QIWI Кошелек, бонусными картами или другим удобным Вам способом.
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