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Freaky Dreams Adele Nozedar We all know about them. We've all had them. But let's face it; we don't have a clue what they mean. They're freaky dreams.From talking pets and naked friends to apocalypses and prophecies, this is an assorted compendium of dreams – the weird, the wacky, and yes, the somewhat disturbing. Author Adele Nozedar (The Element Encyclopedia of Signs & Symbols) is compiling the freakiest dreams from around the world, each ranked with its own "freak-o-meter" rating, and offering an analysis. As you browse through the dreams and the accompanying signs and symbols, you'll learn how to look for the symbolism in your own dreams and analyse them for yourself.Complete with tips on how to have a "lucid" dream (the kind where you know you're dreaming and can even control it), fun fact boxes explaining dream theory, and even a small journal section at the back of the book for writing down your dreams, this is the ideal book for your bedside table.So the next time you wake up confused, embarrassed, ashamed, or oddly aroused, you'll be able to figure out why. Freaky Dreams An A-Z of the Weirdest and Wackiest Dreams and what They Really Mean Adele Nozedar CONTENTS Introduction - The Land of Nod How to Remember Your Dreams The A to Z Guide of Dream Symbols Cheese Dreams: Does Food Make Freaky Dreams…Freakier? Digital Dreams The Award for “Most Popular Dream” Goes To… Lucid Dreaming: The Art of Controlling Your Dreams Anxiety Dreams Recurring Dreams What Exactly is a Nightmare? Notes About the Author Other Books by Adele Nozedar Thank You Copyright About the Publisher THE LAND OF NOD I dreamed I was in the kitchen making a sandwich. It was the weirdest dream I’ve ever had. When I started researching this book, I asked people to tell me about their dreams; specifically, I was after the weirdest, the freakiest, the most disjointed examples, the ones that really do defy analysis. And the two-line quote above, was possibly one of the oddest. It seems odd because it’s so normal. After all, it’s in the nature of a dream that it’s weird and freaky. If you’re describing a dream to someone, is it likely that you’d ever say, “Oh my, I’ve got to tell you about the REALLY NORMAL dream I had last night!”? Nope! Despite centuries of research that’s still continuing, there’s still so much about dreams, and indeed sleep, which remains a mystery. Mankind has traveled into the deepest depths of the oceans. We’ve set foot on the moon. We’ve sent probes to pick up pebbles from Mars, and we’ve taken photographs in the unfathomable vastness of space. And yet we still don’t know quite what happens, or where we go to, every night when we toddle off to bed, close our eyes, and sleep. For example, here’s something that’s very puzzling. If you’ve ever watched someone sleeping, you might have noticed their eyeballs moving swiftly back and forth under the lids. This is called Rapid Eye Movement (REM), and it happens when the sleeper is dreaming. Dreams are our way of processing the events of the day, incidents in our lives, and all sorts of physical and philosophical phenomena. The duck-billed platypus, of all animals on earth, shows the most extreme incidence of REM. What is the platypus processing? What sort of anxieties could exist in that little platypus mind? We’ll never know. Another mystery. In fact, to be fair, scientists aren’t even certain that the platypus is even dreaming. BUT WHAT IF IT IS? The great thing about dreams is that anything can happen, any kind of surreal scenario is allowed to play out, no holds barred. In your dream world, you can be a superhero or a god, an animal, a tramp, a teapot. Dreams allow us to tap into an internal imaginary world that is as vast as that external universe that the space probes poke around in. The possibility of a fabulous dream is enough to make bedtime seem like a really fun proposition. HOW TO REMEMBER YOUR DREAMS The dream is the small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul, which opens into that primeval cosmic night that was soul long before there was a conscious ego and will be soul far beyond what a conscious ego could ever reach. -Carl Jung, The Meaning of Psychology for Modern Man, 1934 We’re presupposing that you already know how to sleep, so let’s get straight to the juicy stuff. Some of us really do believe that we never dream, or maybe that we dream only very rarely. That’s not true. Everyone dreams. What’s more, we each have several episodes of dreaming throughout the night. They occur primarily during the period of REM described above, during which our most intense dreams take place, but there’s also a phase called Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) during which dreams might happen—or they might not.. So, if we all dream, then why don’t we all remember them? Some scientists have speculated that we don’t remember them simply because it wouldn’t be healthy to do so. After all, if we had to think not only of all the stuff that happens every day in our waking lives AND then think about our dreams, we’d probably go mad. There also needs to be a clear distinction between dreams and waking reality. For example, to dream of flinging yourself from the top of a moving train and then finding that you can fly to safety is fine, but to try the same thing in real life wouldn’t be very clever. Dreams are by their very nature full of absurd scenarios and impossible situations which would simply never happen in our waking lives. Always with the adjunct “Safety First,” then, here are some tips on how to remember your dreams. DECIDE TO REMEMBER YOUR DREAMS Start out by making the decision that you do actually want to be able to recall your dreams. Tell yourself that this is what you want. Repeat this mantra several times a day: I will remember my dreams. I will remember my dreams. I will remember my dreams. BREAK UP YOUR SLEEP PATTERN If you can, aim to break up your sleep pattern. We remember our dreams usually when we’ve been woken up in the middle of, or immediately after, a dream episode. You might have a dedicated friend who will time how long it take between you falling asleep until the REM pattern starts. You could try setting an alarm to wake yourself when this happens. Otherwise, try setting the alarm at random times. We sleep in 90-minute cycles, so if you don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn the next day, you could set an alarm clock to go off at 90-minute intervals throughout the night. Other ways of breaking up your sleep pattern include eating indigestible food (see “Cheese Dreams” in CHEESE DREAMS: DOES FOOD MAKE FREAKY DREAMS…FREAKIER?), taking a long-haul flight into another time zone, or having a baby. RECORD THE DREAM The tried and tested method is to have a notebook and (working) pen or pencil beside the bed, but you might prefer to have a recording device. Remember, after all, that Keith Richards recorded “Satisfaction” in his sleep. Whatever means you decide to use, make sure they’re easily accessible and that you’re familiar with any technology. Dreams can be extraordinarily elusive and could easily escape by the time you’ve jabbed away at the paper with a succession of useless pens, or worked out which button to push. REMIND YOURSELF OF WHAT YOU’RE DOING It’s easy, befuddled with sleep, to forget what your aim is, especially if you’re trying the 90-minute alarm clock method. It’s all too simple to simply throw the clock across the room and continue snoozing. You might try placing a piece of card with the words “REMEMBER DREAM!” somewhere that you’ll see as soon as you wake up. DON’T TRY TO ANALYZE ANYTHING It’s more important that you get the details down without immediately worrying about the meaning of them. Let the dreams “be.” Let them breathe, live with them a little while before deconstructing them. While you’re at it, you might want to consider using your dreams to solve problems. You’ll see several examples dotted through this book about ingenious solutions that have been found in a dream, delivered to the dreamer as though on a silver platter. If you have any sort of conundrum, think of it several times during the day and then concentrate on it before you go beddy-byes. See what happens. By the way, you’re more likely to have pleasant dreams if you’re close to a pleasant scent, and vice versa. A DISCLAIMER Although the bulk of this book is an analysis of some of the features that might appear in your dreams, some of the freakiest dreams are simply beyond explanation, pure and simple. Don’t worry if this is the case with one of your dreams. Enjoy it, revel in it, have a laugh about it. IN CONCLUSION If you take all this into consideration and start to apply it, you’ll find that the more you remember your dreams, the easier it will get. It’s almost as though your subconscious mind, knowing that you’re extending the hand of friendship, starts to come out to play and communicate with you. YOU MIGHT SEE PATTERNS EMERGING. YOU MIGHT DREAM OF AN INVENTION THAT MAKES YOU A MILLIONAIRE. YOU MIGHT INVENT A PLOT THAT TURNS INTO A BEST-SELLING BOOK. WHATEVER YOU DO, YOU’LL DEFINITELY HAVE FUN. ENJOY YOUR FREAKY DREAMS! “Read the directions and directly you will be directed in the right direction.” The Doorknob, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland THE A TO Z GUIDE OF DREAM SYMBOLS There are many wonderful books full of dream symbols. Then there are also some real doozies. In general, a symbol represents itself. For example, let’s say that you dream about a lion. Then you have to ask yourself—what is a lion? A big shaggy animal with golden hair, pointy teeth, and sharp claws that comes from Africa? Is it the symbol for one of the astrological signs? Or is it an animal that represents courage, strength, fortitude, and ferocity? Then again, you might immediately think of the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz. The lion is, of course, all of these things and more. If you dream of a lion, then the meaning of the dream is dictated by what the lion means to you, personally, as well as the archetypal meaning of the symbol and the context in which it actually appears in the dream. It’s not always easy, but here at Freaky Dreams Central we like to apply the principle of Ockham’s Razor to just about everything. What is Ockham’s Razor? Aside from being a fabulous phrase to throw in at fancy dinner parties, Ockham’s Razor means that of all the possible explanations for everything under the sun, the simplest and most obvious one is generally the best. A ABBREVIATIONS Inspect your dreams carefully. They are full of hidden messages. When you spot an abbreviation, see if there’s a possibility that it might stand for something. For example, the abbreviation could be the initials of a person. Roman numerals might constitute a date. XL could translate as the word “excel.” You get the idea. ABYSS This can indicate the depths of your subconscious mind—maybe you’re afraid of facing up to something that you know you have to deal with sooner rather than later. It could also mean that there’s a “plunge” to be taken, like some kind of a cosmic bungee jump. Bear in mind that scary stuff can also be incredibly exciting, so an abyss in a dream isn’t necessarily a bad omen. ACCIDENT If you dream that you’re involved in an accident, it’s likely that there is a situation in your life that you’re not happy with; perhaps a metaphorical “accident waiting to happen.” To dream that you’re the cause of an accident is a good example of the common anxiety dream. Look to see what you’re worried about in your waking life and make moves to change things. If you dream that someone in your life has been in an accident, it could mean that you are genuinely worried for that person or it could mean that it’s time for your relationship with them to come to an end. Only you can know which answer is likely to be correct. ACORN A new beginning, the germ of an idea, something that’s going to be BIG. Stick with it. You’re inspired! ADULATION It’s likely that you’ve done something that you’re very pleased with—a project at work, perhaps or a new idea or invention you’ve devised. Your dream of adulation confirms this. However, it’s also possible that the world is not giving you the encouragement you need and that your subconscious mind needs to make up for it while you’re asleep. ADULTERY If you dream about adultery, it’s all down to the context. If you’re committing adultery in your dream, it’s possible that your marriage is in need of some close scrutiny. Perhaps you’re bored and need to spice things up. If your partner is committing adultery in your dream, again your marriage could be in need of some close scrutiny because of boredom factors. Or perhaps you’re afraid that they might be hiding something—a lover, perhaps, but not necessarily. ALARM CLOCK Most of our dreams are, unfortunately, related to anxiety, and a dream about an alarm clock falls into this category. We set alarms when we want to be woken up; this could be physically or metaphorically. Clocks also indicate an obsession with time; maybe you feel you’re running out of the stuff or you’re trying to meet a deadline. ALBATROSS The definitive interpretation of the albatross’s symbolism is best summed up in “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. In this epic poem, he writes: “Instead of the cross, the albatross About my neck was hung.” Because of the mythology of the albatross as something that hinders you, this dream symbol is more than the sum of its realistic parts. Not just any old sea bird, the albatross represents the idea of something holding you back. And if it appears in your dreams, then this might correlate with a similar situation in your real life. ALBINO Anything albino is something that has no color pigmentation, something that’s purely white. White is symbolic of purity, so it could be reflective of something in your life that is pure or innocent. But there is also something very different about an albino since it’s not something we are accustomed to seeing in our everyday lives. To see anything albino in your dream could also suggest that there is an aspect of your waking life in which you feel different or alienated. ALCOHOL Alcohol changes our state of mind; we drink it, we sometimes get drunk, we become happy or sad or maybe angry, sometimes we dance on tables, and sometimes we fall over. Alcohol enables us to lose our inhibitions and perhaps your booze-laden dream is telling you to let your hair down a little in your everyday life? ALIEN What constitutes an alien? Is it a small green creature with slanted, expressionless black eyes? Is it a foreigner? Is it the feeling of being a stranger in a strange land? Of course, it’s all of these, and more. An alien in your freaky dream could suggest you’re feeling disconnected, divorced from reality and the people around you. New experiences are exciting but also scary, and you might be dreaming of aliens if this is your current situation in life. To be abducted by aliens means that circumstances are out of your control. ALMOND The defining quality of the almond is the incredibly tough exterior that hides its sweet and tender meat. The dream almond might represent you, or another person with these qualities. It could also be something in your life that requires a lot of effort to attain the result you need. Incidentally, almonds are also a symbol of fertility as well as of marriage. This symbolism goes for nuts in general. ANCESTOR Your ancestry is effectively a bank of genetic factors, character traits, diseases, talents, ingenuity, and potential. You are at the end of a long line of such a train, which represents the infinite capacity of your own potential. This is exciting, but when there are endless possibilities, it can also be difficult to make a decision about which choice to make. Is indecision a dilemma that you’re facing? If you see one of your ancestors in a dream, then he or she appears as a reminder of your own skills and genetic disposition. Thinking about the talents you’ve inherited from that ancestor might help you make a decision. ANCHOR The symbolism of the anchor is obvious; stability and security. However anchors can also hold you down. So what is the anchor like in your dream? Again, it’s all about context and the feeling of the dream. ANCIENT CIVILIZATION If you ever dreamed that you were in the midst of a glamorous ancient civilization, this rarefied and exotic environment probably means that your everyday, waking life has become somewhat humdrum, and you’re in dire need of an injection of mystery, color, excitement—and a touch of the unknown. ANGEL This angel is a powerful archetypal symbol, known and recognized all over the planet. You don’t have to be religious to know what an angel is all about. And the more powerful a place that a particular symbol enjoys in our psyche, the more powerful its meaning within your dream. Angels, though, are full of contradictions. They can be sweet, loving, and gentle. Or they can be stern masters of discipline. They can help us, or they can teach us the hardest lessons. They can create and destroy in equal measure. Above all, the angel is a messenger. Now, if you do believe in God, then it’s likely that you’ll see the angel in your dream as carrying information directly from the Head Office, so to speak. However, others believe that we carry our “God” inside of ourselves, but we don’t always listen to the messages conveyed by this internal authority, who knows instinctively and intuitively what’s right and wrong in the context of the bigger picture. Therefore, you should pay close attention to any angel that appears in your dream, since it’s likely to be giving you information; it doesn’t matter where you think the source of this information lies. This information may be direct—the angel may speak to you—or it could be indirect, for example, if the angel is holding a scroll, indicating hidden information that you’ll need to decipher. It’s possible that you might even dream that you, yourself, are an angel. This could be a reminder that you have a great capacity to help others, or that you are more powerful than you think. ANIMALS Individual species of animals—such as dogs, cats, or horses—appear under their own names in this book. However, it’s also worth examining the meaning of animal dreams in general. The animal side of human beings speaks to intuition and instinct, the primitive, the sexual. Sometimes if we’re feeling repressed, an animal dream might allow us to feel that we have more freedom than we’re able to express in our everyday lives. Don’t forget, too, that animals show us more than just our primitive desires. Many cultures believe that we each have “totem” animals—that is, that we share aspects and characteristics of certain creatures. The best way that this is expressed is in the zodiacs of both Western and Eastern astrology, whose animal shapes parade around the skies. So, to dream of an animal is to be shown that you share the qualities of that creature, whether they seem to be scary, freaky, or perfectly normal. ANKH Although this symbol originally belonged to the ancient Egyptians, its meaning is universally accepted; it stands for eternal life. To see it in a dream is a reminder of the connectedness of all things. APE Dreams often contain visual or literal puns; bear in mind that to “ape” someone means to copy them. Perhaps you’re worried about this in some context? If not, the ape is also powerful and sexually driven but also known to be undignified and somewhat stupid. Ring any bells for you? APOCALYPSE Many dreams—or nightmares—have an apocalyptic theme or feel to them. It’s likely that such a dream reflects similar changes in your life (where one part of your life is coming to an end), although hopefully these changes are not quite so dramatically intense as an actual apocalypse! Such changes might include moving house, marriage or divorce, or a change of job. The apocalypse dream is a prime example of how dreams tend to exaggerate events in our lives and amplify our anxieties. APPLAUSE Dreaming of a large auditorium of people applauding you is a relatively common dream and usually a pleasant one. Dreams sometimes give us an experience we’re lacking in real life, though, so it’s probable that you’re not receiving the recognition you really deserve. APPLE Ever since Eve offered Adam the Fruit of Knowledge—commonly supposed to be the apple—this fruit has occupied an important place as a premium symbol. Accordingly, to dream about the apple is to dream about wisdom, information, knowledge, healthiness, and prosperity. The apple, because of its seeds, is also a fertility symbol. Do you have fertility issues, either positive or negative? Conversely, to see an apple rotting on a bough is a powerful symbol of autumn and mortality. It could be a reminder that life is short and to “use it or lose it.” APRON Aprons protect, but there’s more to this than you might suppose. Yes, they protect a person’s clothes from splashes and stains while working, but aprons also protect and preserve secrets. Freemasons, for example, use the apron as part of their uniform. If you’re dreaming of aprons, it could be there is a secret you’re keeping or one that is being kept from you. ARCH To dream that you are traveling underneath an arched structure signifies a portentous moment in your life, a new beginning, and something good to come. ARROW The basic arrow speaks of direction, focus, and enthusiasm in your life. A broken arrow signifies the opposite; the end of a dream or a fear of failure. ASTEROID This signifies an illuminating episode, such as a sudden flash of clarity or creativity—a “eureka” moment! ASTRONAUT What do astronauts do? They travel into outer space. In a spirit of exploration. In a spaceship…OK, but what do they REALLY do? Of course; they reach for the stars. This is what you’re doing. Good luck! ATTACK Assuming that you’re not a prize fighter or similar in your waking life, if you dream that you’re attacking someone, then you could be suffering from unreleased anger or pent-up frustration. If, however, you are being attacked, then it’s likely that you’re suffering from a lack of self-confidence or certainty, or that you’re being bullied in your waking life. This dream is telling you to face up to these attackers. ATTIC As a part of a house (in which the different rooms represent different aspects of ourselves), the attic represents the head, the mind, the intellect—and the higher, spiritual self. Therefore, finding yourself in an attic is a great opportunity to discover the condition of your thought processes. If, for example, you feel nervous or troubled in this dream attic, then you might decide to look into the way you think about things in your life. AUTOPSY If there is a dead body being dissected in your dream, then you’ve managed to find yourself at an autopsy. This dream indicates that you are similarly dissecting a situation in your waking life which is irretrievable, but which can still be taken as an opportunity for learning. Take the information you need and then walk away from the corpse. AVALANCHE A series of emotions, held back, are now coming to the forefront and need to be expressed, by any means necessary. Alternatively, you might feel overwhelmed by a series of events in your life. Either way, you should regard the avalanche as a positive signal. B BABY There are, of course, many different ways in which a baby might appear in your dream. In essence, a baby represents new potential as well as fragility, something which needs to be protected and allowed to grow. In this case, the baby could even represent something as simple as a new idea or recently discovered talent. However, if you are actually pregnant, such a dream might be your own way of expressing anxiety about the new life that’s inside you and the changes that it will bring to your life. If you dreamed that you had a baby that you’d forgetten about, then the baby represents a part of you, yourself, that you have neglected and that now wants attention. If the baby in your dream is dead, it signifies the failure of an idea. BADGER Remember that dreams offer us information in all sorts of ways, sometimes in puns. To “badger” someone is to doggedly try to persuade them of something. Maybe this is happening to you or you’re doing it to someone else? The badger itself is also a symbol of hard work, determination, and stubbornness. If there is someone in your life who is set in their ways, then the badger in your dream could represent that person. BAG Think about the bag in your dream. Is it intriguing and full of different pockets, some of them ingeniously hidden? Then this indicates the many different “compartments” of your psyche and includes your hidden desires and ambitions yet to be fulfilled. If the bag is too heavy, then perhaps the metaphorical burden that you’re carrying in real life is similarly overloaded. If the bag is empty, it’s likely that you have a very “zen” attitude toward life and eschew material possessions. BAKERY (BAKING) Baking or a bakery signifies riches, success, satisfaction, and gain in all areas. Bread means money, and so does dough, right? Enjoy. BALD With a baldness dream, context is all. If you’re a man with a full head of hair dreaming that you’re bald, this could constitute an anxiety dream. This could be anxiety about actually going bald or anxiety about a different situation in your life. If you’re a woman in a similar position, multiply that anxiety times ten. If you’re already bald, however, dreaming of this condition is a reminder of your own wisdom. BALL You might be seeing a basic soccer ball in your dream, but it’s likely to have a more profound meaning than a simple piece of sports equipment. Dreams often play with imagery, and the shape of the globe suggests completion and wholeness; the Universe, no less. If you are watching a ball game and not participating, it could mean that you need to overcome insecurity or anxiety in your waking life. If you are at a costume ball, then be wary of someone close to you who doesn’t have your best interests at heart. BANANA The saucy banana, appearing in a dream, is a not-very-well-disguised phallic symbol. You could either be unhealthily obsessed with them or repressing certain sexual urges. You can also slip on banana skins, so do be careful. BANK Generally speaking, the bank dream is about security—and not just the financial kind. A bank is somewhere that we put things to keep them safe, so you need to determine what you feel is being threatened that needs security. A relationship? Your job? Context is all when you have this dream. If you dream that you’re robbing a bank, maybe you feel that you’re not receiving the credit you deserve in your waking life and need to grasp it for yourself. BANQUET Generally speaking, food and eating represent spiritual nourishment rather than the bodily kind. If you dream that you’re taking part in a banquet or a feast, it’s possible that you’re not getting the sort of spiritual satisfaction that you crave in your “normal” life. Then again, if you’re following a strict diet or regime in your waking life, then it’s possible that the dream is compensating for all the treats you’re missing; your subconscious is “cheating” on your diet. BARE FEET If you don’t usually go barefoot in your everyday life, how does it feel to go barefoot in your dream? If you feel nervous or uncomfortable, the bare feet could indicate that you feel exposed about someone or something. After all, footwear protects an important part of our body. If, on the other hand, going barefoot feels liberating and lovely, then the dream is indicating that you need to let your hair down once in a while and try something new. You might even like it! FAMOUS FREAKY DREAMERS THE SWINGING SPORTSMAN Jack Nicklaus is one of the worlds’ most famous and successful golfers, but in the mid 1960s his play wasn’t on form and he had run into a bad patch of scores. It was after a dream that his luck finally turned around. Here’s what happened, as reported in the San Francisco Chronicle on June 27, 1964: On Wednesday night I had a dream and it was about my golf swing. I was hitting them pretty good in the dream and all at once I realized I wasn’t holding the club the way I’ve actually been holding it lately. I’ve been having trouble collapsing my right arm taking the club head away from the ball, but I was doing it perfectly in my sleep. So when I came to the course yesterday morning I tried it the way I did in my dream and it worked. I shot a sixty-eight yesterday and a sixty-five today. BAT It’s not really surprising that the bat has a reputation for evil and devilishness. It looks pretty sinister, after all, swooping around in the dark with pointy wings and beady eyes. Of course, the bat is also associated with all things demonic—including, of course, vampires. If bats appear in your dream, it can signify irritations and hindrances as well as the other “horror movie” symbolism suggested above. BATHING Immersion in water has a deep spiritual meaning and is an important ritual in many faiths all over the world. To dream of bathing isn’t just about cleansing the body, but also the soul—letting go of the past, washing away any stagnant areas in your life, and letting new ideas flow. BEACH Funny places, beaches. They’re not quite land, and yet not quite water. The beach goes into the water, and the water laps up onto the beach, the sand a no-man’s land between the two elements. Therefore, the beach is considered a liminal place, a threshold between two worlds. This probably reflects your current situation. You could be between jobs, relationships, or homes. Beaches of course also signify vacations and holidays, a time away from the normal routines of life, so the dream could be your way of taking a mental vacation. BEADS Beads (and buttons) indicate that you need to be patient. Is there an aspect of your life that seems slow at the moment? Remember that you can achieve a great deal in tiny steps—like the effort taken to string beads into a necklace. To dream of a broken string of beads is a common anxiety dream, particularly so if the beads don’t belong to you. BEAR If you’re being chased by a bear, it could be that you’re afraid to address the bearlike side of yourself; after all, with power comes responsibility. If you’re wrestling with a bear, then two sides of your nature are at odds with one another. It’s also possible that you’re being forced to do something that is against your moral principles. A bear is a powerful totem animal, if you’re interested in that aspect of your dreams. Dreaming of one could mean you have access to all the power and might of the bear and you share its qualities. BED This is where we do most of our freaky dreaming, right? Therefore, to find yourself dreaming about a bed might seem to be a curious waste of good sleep time. However, a bed is where the majority of acts of love take place, so maybe your dream hints toward more carnal matters. If the bed is well made in your dream, then this indicates that your life is in order. If it’s disheveled and scruffy, though, the opposite is true. If you can’t find your bed at all, then your dream is one of anxiety. Is there anyone else in the bed? If it’s a sexy stranger, then maybe your waking life needs to be perked up a little. BEDBUGS These microscopically tiny little critters are just something we have to live with since we can’t seem to get rid of them. Dreaming of bedbugs could be a reminder about a pesky and relentless situation in your own life, perhaps a problem that just won’t get resolved. If your dream bedbugs have attained an alarming size, then this dream is giving you one clear message: don’t sweat the small stuff. See your troubles for what they are, as inconsequential and as inevitable as bedbugs. BED-WETTING Is it you that’s reverted back to this infantile behavior? This sort of dream leaves the dreamer feeling humiliated and wretched. You could be feeling that you have a lack of control in your real life, that situations are being thrust upon you that you’re not ready for. It could be that you’re taking on too much. Also, a bed-wetting dream is a typical anxiety dream, so you need to alleviate whatever those anxieties might be in your waking life. BEES Archetypal symbols of industry and harmonious cooperation, dreaming about bees could be a congratulatory reminder that you are applying the same principles in your waking life—or conversely, they could be sending you a signal that certain attitudes of your could be improved upon. BESOM (See Broom) BESTIALITY Whoa! If you’re dreaming about having sex with an animal, then this qualifies as truly freaky. What sort of an animal is it? What part are you playing? Is it fun, or are you on the receiving end of something way too big and scary? Before you make an appointment with your therapist, it’s important to remember that animals in dreams represent a hidden side of ourselves and the symbolism is fairly obvious; a tiger for ferocity, a deer for gentleness and fragility, a rabbit for sexuality, for example. Embrace whatever the creature is, as a part of you that needs attention. BIRD Like the industrious bee, the bird is an important archetypal symbol, and having one appear in your dream can have profound meaning. Anything with wings can move in a different dimension and so were considered, like angels, to be messengers from the gods themselves. But how to translate that message? First, try to identify the bird. A water bird, for example, speaks of hidden depths; literally, there’s more beneath the surface than you might imagine. A large air bird such as a condor can see great distances and can assess situations almost before they happen. A flock of dark birds might seem threatening, as though you’re being beset with problems that deny you a clear vision of what’s ahead. If you’re flying with birds, then you are liberated and joyful, happy in your life. BLOG If you dream that you’re writing a blog, this could be a sign that you need to take more control of events in your life. It’s also possible that in your waking life you’re spending more time in front of a screen than is considered healthy. Live your life actively instead of playing it out on your laptop! BLOOD An essential component of our health, the bright red color of our blood is symbolic of life itself. If you dream that blood is splattered all over the place, then your dream is straying into nightmare territory. It could be an accurate reflection of violence in your own life, but it’s more commonly a signal of anxiety. If you find yourself drinking blood in your dream, it might be that there’s a similar situation in your life; something that you’re trying to hide, a guilty secret. If you see blood pouring away down a river or into a drain, then you are feeling that your life forces are being washed away. Look to the state of your physical health. BOSS The meaning of a “boss” dream depends on your relationship with your own boss. It could indicate that you have problems with authority figures or that you’re spending too much time obsessing about work. Alternatively, an authority figure in a dream is sometimes there to offer guidance that’s needed by our subconscious mind, so listen to whatever your boss is telling you in the dream. It’s also worth considering that your “boss” might even be your husband, wife, or partner—or perhaps your child. BOTTLE Any dream about a container is about the container that is you. Is the bottle transparent or opaque? Is it full or is it empty? If it is full, then you’re feeling fortunate and all is fine. If it’s empty, you’re feeling drained and tired, with nothing left to give. If it’s a champagne bottle that you’re dealing with, then there’s something to celebrate or there will be soon; celebrate yourself! BOUGH (See Branch) BOUND If you’re tied up or bound in any way, this could be a Freudian dream of sexual repression. It’s equally likely that you’re feeling restricted in other areas of your life, too. BOX Like the bottle, this is a “container” dream. The box represents you. So, whether the box is open or shut, and whether it’s full or empty, will speak to you about where you are in your life at this particular moment. If the box is full of flowers, that’s a positive sign. If, on the other hand, it’s full of wriggly creepy-crawlies, then maybe you need to think some things through. You could be keeping a secret or repressing something. Above all, remember what happened to Pandora. BRA If you’re a woman dreaming of a shabby old bra, you’re feeling neglected and unappreciated. After all, a woman’s breasts are an important symbol of sexuality, motherhood, and femininity. If you dream of a sexy, lacy bra, you’re feeling confident about your feminine side in particular, and about life in general. If you’re a man dreaming of skimpy lingerie, you might be lacking physical love in your waking life. BRANCH Branches and boughs can refer to your family. If they’re broken, perhaps there’s a similar breakdown in communications or even a death. Healthy, leafy branches can suggest encouraging news, new growth, or fresh ideas—they could even act as a prophesy dream indicating a new “branch” to the family in the form of a marriage or a baby. BREAD The staff of life, the loaf represents the basic needs in life. Not simply material—although bread is a euphemism for money—it can stand for spiritual sustenance, too. The sliced white bread that you dream of could be a reminder that you need to address your soul as well as your body. BREASTS Breasts speak of maternal nourishment but are equally valid as symbols of sexual desire and arousal. If you’re a straight female and get turned on by a dream of glamour-model-perfect breasts, don’t be alarmed by such a reminder of your own sexuality. Dreams know no boundaries. BRIDGE Like the beach, the bridge symbolizes a state between two places, a suspension in the air between two landmasses. It could be that there’s a similar “bridge situation” playing out in your own life at the moment: a wedding (two families about to join), or a transitional time between homes, relationships, or jobs. Should your dream bridge be broken or otherwise precarious, the dream is simply helping you to express your own anxiety about the situation. BROOM (Or brush or besom) signifies the need for a clean sweep; not necessarily the domestic kind, but a clearing out of your life. Sweep away the dead wood! A hairbrush carries a similar meaning. BRUSH (See Broom) BUTTERFLY In many cultures, the butterfly symbolizes the soul. Has someone died, or is someone about to be born? This soul could be bringing you a message. The Red Admiral butterfly that you dream about could be a reminder of this. But the butterfly is also a lighthearted creature, flitting from flower to flower, seemingly not taking anything too seriously. Its appearance could be a reminder that you might apply that same carefree attitude in your own life. BUTTONS (See Beads) C CAGE Some dream symbols are disguised, but sometimes they’re ridiculously obvious. A cage, of course, signifies a feeling of entrapment, restriction, and confinement. The frustrations and inhibitions imposed upon you by the cage could be to do with your work situation, your home situation, and your relationships. CALENDAR If you see a calendar in a dream, try to remember if you were shown a particular date. Bear in mind that the numbers and months might be scrambled. If no dates were shown, the calendar is indicating the passing of time. It could be that you’re working toward a deadline or that you’re worried that time is running out in a particular area of your life. CAMERA If you’re using the camera in your dream, then it could be indicating you need to look at things in a different way or that you need to look at something in more detail. If, however, someone is taking a picture of you, then it’s likely that you’re worried about the way you appear to others. CANDLE To dream about any kind of light source is a good, happy symbol. It means you are enjoying a time of illumination, and the dream is reminding you of that. If the candle is snuffed, however, then you might be having problems trying to get people to understand your point of view. CANNIBALS If there are cannibals in your dream, it’s probable that you will be trying to escape from them. The larger percentage of dreams stem from anxiety, and that would include the prospect of being boiled alive and served up as a stew! If you are invited to the cannibals’ feast, however, you’ll be asked to swallow something unacceptable. Does this reflect a situation in your waking life? If so, make moves to change that situation. CAPE If you’re wearing a cape, cloak, or any other similar covering, then you have something to hide. CAR An interesting dream to have, and there are lots of things you need to ask yourself. If you’re driving the car, then it means you’re in charge of your destiny. If someone else is driving the car, then someone else is the boss in your life. If you’re happy to be the passenger, then that is fine; if not, then the dream suggests that there is an imbalance in a close relationship. If the car is rolling smoothly along the road, then you’re literally on an easy ride. If it’s bumpy, the opposite is true and you can expect to have to overcome some obstacles. If a car is broken down in real life, we expect delays and frustrations; in the dream, the same is true. Keep in mind that when something doesn’t go according to plan and we find ourselves unable to do anything but wait, we can be forced to think about things and perhaps find solutions to certain situations. If your dream car is broken down, then this could be your dream telling you to take time out, see things differently, and reflect on your life. CASTLE Goody! If you dream of a castle, then well-deserved praise and adulation is due to you. Real life and dreams don’t always match up, though; if your bank balance isn’t boosted within a few days, the dream still indicates you accomplished something noteworthy. CASTRATION If you’re a man and you dream of this, then chances are you feel that your creative forces are at an all-time low. If you’re a woman dreaming that you’re castrating a man, then the most obvious interpretation is that there’s a man in your life that needs to be taken down a peg or two! CAT Generally speaking, the cat is the symbol of feminine wisdom, mystery, hidden knowledge, and information. Bear in mind that animals in dreams often remind us about forgotten aspects of ourselves, and the feminine aspect of the pussycat can apply to male as well as female dreamers—guys, perhaps you need to get in touch with your female feline side? As well as belonging to witches, a black cat crossing your path is a symbol of bad luck in some places like the U.S., so it could be mirroring some difficult times in your life. In other places like the U.K., black cats are symbols of good luck, so it’s considered a good omen to dream of one there. If the cat in your dream is friendly, then your own catlike qualities are nicely integrated in your personality. If the cat is unfriendly or hostile, on the other hand, then it could indicate that you are neglecting your pussycat side. CATERPILLAR The caterpillar in your dream is telling you there is a long way to go before you get what you need to fulfill your true potential. But since this journey is all part of a natural process, the caterpillar dream is not a negative one. CAVE A cave, a fissure, an underground chamber or anything along those lines signifies the womb, and to find yourself inside a cave indicates a metaphorical return to the womb. You will go through a process of meditation or self-reflection followed by a glorious rebirth. CELEBRITIES Like it or not, our celebrities are not simply “normal” human beings. Their perceived traits, accurate or not, become amplified both by the media and our own personal perceptions. Therefore, if a celebrity or other public figure appears in your dream, then he or she represents whatever you believe those people to be. These are all qualities that are available to you whether you see them as good or bad; charm, irritability, beauty, sexiness, unattractiveness; it’s impossible to name every single celebrity and their characteristics that might appear to you while you’re asleep, but you get the general idea. If you dream of a celebrity that you admire, then those admirable qualities can be a part of yourself. If, on the other hand, your dream celebrity is a nightmare of vainglorious egomania and insufferably annoying behavior, you might want to check your own behavior for similar traits. CELLAR If the house represents yourself, then the cellar represents that part of you which is underground, buried, or beneath the surface; that is, your subconscious mind. If the cellar in your dream is dank, untidy, and slightly scary, then you need to pay attention to what’s going on in your subconscious mind and bear in mind that dreams are its way of communicating with you! If, on the other hand, the cellar is pleasant and a place that you’re happy to spend time in, then rest assured that all is well with your subconscious mind. It’s not unlikely that you’re involved in a spiritual practice such as meditation or yoga. The cellar can also represent the past; you might have issues from a previous life that you need to reconcile with your current one. CHALK Where is chalk used the most? In a school environment. So if someone is writing something on a chalkboard in your dream, you’re being taught something by this person. If you’re using chalk, then you are learning something. If you can discern that you’re reading or what you’re writing, then you’re fortunate indeed. Don’t forget, though, that dream information is often cleverly encrypted. And that chalk is impermanent… CHAMBER (See Cave) CHECKERBOARD (CHESSBOARD) The black and white squares of a checkerboard represent a balance of opposites. The contrasting colors, shared equally on the board, represent good and bad, light and dark, and the essential contrast between them. It’s for this reason that, for example, Masonic lodges often have black and white checkered floors. It’s likely that you have a clear, black and white decision to make in your own life. CHEETAH Animals and dreams signify power that’s available to us. The cheetah is fast and strong. Go for it. CHERRY Any kind of fruit tends to be a good omen in a dream, but only if the fruit is fresh and perky. In addition, a cherry has the inevitable sexual connotations. What’s the context of the cherry in your dream? If you’re eating the cherry, then your sex life is healthy and interesting. If you’re seeing someone else eating the cherry, this could indicate you’re frustrated in your sex life. If you see a bowl of cherries, then it is a reminder that life is sweet. However, if you see a bowl of cherry stones, it means that you’re expending too much energy and need to ease up a little. CHICKEN Traditionally, we associate chickens with cowardice. Are you being less than courageous in a certain aspect of your life? If so, take heart and know that you can change things for the better. CHIMPANZEE (See Monkey) CLOTHING Any kind of clothing that features in a dream tells us about the way we’d like to appear to the world—and also about the way we’d like the world to see us. What kind of a jacket is it? Is it a formal, tailored jacket? Or is it more casual, even bordering on scruffy? Does it feel comfortable? Or does the cut of the cloth make you feel uneasy? The type of clothes in your dream will illustrate how you want yourself to appear to the people around you. CLOWN For all their jolly jests, clowns can have a quite sinister appearance. The most alienating aspect is the strange face paint that is as effective as a mask; the clown is unidentifiable, which in itself sets a tone of danger. The clown in your dream might well represent someone that pretends to be something that they’re not, or that you can’t quite get a grip on. If the clown in your dream is unhappy or sad, then you need to think about if this perhaps applies to you or someone in your life? COCKEREL The cockerel is a powerful symbol of masculine aggression and virility. It’s also a symbol of the power of the sun. These are all qualities that, according to your dream, are available to you. CHEESE DREAMS: DOES FOOD MAKE FREAKY DREAMS…FREAKIER? Does eating cheese actually make us dream more, or is this just an old wives’ tale? And are there other foods that might do the same thing? It’s actually very hard to tell. However, one of the tips for remembering dreams is to break up your sleep pattern; therefore it makes sense that if certain foods are hard to digest, then this might contribute to a restless night, which in turn could help you to remember your dreams more. In addition to cheese, other foods that are difficult to digest include eels, currants, shellfish, cranberries, bananas, and pretty much all types of red meat. In 2005, the Cheese Board in the UK carried out a pretty extensive experiment on the effects that cheese has on dreams. Two hundred volunteers took part in the study, in which they each ate .7 oz (20 g) of cheese half an hour before bedtime. According to the statistics, there were no reports of actual nightmares, but there were plenty of dreams recorded. This probably wasn’t terribly surprising, but there were a couple of curveballs thrown into the cheesy equation. It seems that different varieties of cheese had different effects; eating Stilton Blue Cheese caused 85 per cent of the women to experience the freakiest dreams. Subject matter for these stiltonian dreams includes: talking toys; dinner party guests being traded for camels; and a vegetarian crocodile upset because it could not eat children. Here at Freaky Dreams Central, we decided to conduct our own experiments into the effects of cheese on our dreams. Our experiment may not have been as far-reaching as that of the Cheese Board, but yielded interesting results nevertheless. We asked six volunteers to eat as much cheese as they liked just before hopping into bed. We also asked six volunteers to deliberately avoid cheese on the same six days of the experiment. THE RESULT? Here’s the shocker. Cheese or no cheese seemed to make absolutely no difference whatsoever. Some of the cheese-eaters had strange dreams; so, however, did the cheese-free volunteers. Here’s one of the most coherent dream diaries that we received back from the volunteers. It’s from Dan. He ate the cheese. Night one: No dreams Night two: Had a dream that I ate an enormous carton of fries, but the fries were in a big foil tray that was somehow floating in water inside a cardboard box, like a water bath, with Christmas gift wrap on. It looked a little bit like a Bain Marie or something. Night three: I dreamt that I was in a London pub for New Year’s Eve. Noel Gallagher was in there, and although he would talk to me he wouldn’t let me have my picture taken with him. He kept moving around the table to prevent having his picture taken. His wife/girlfriend kept showing her stomach to people. I eventually had to leave in a hurry as I had spilt gravy all down my gray jumper. Night four: No dreams Night five: Had a dream I was at a vacation park on a lads’ holiday for the weekend and got locked in the swimming pool overnight. It was quite lucid and I was quite anxious that I couldn’t get out. Night six: No dreams Wow. Fries? Gravy? The Pub? Being locked in a swimming pool? Only Dan could analyze this dream with any certainty, but we’d say that it shows a level of fretfulness about his personal appearance while in the presence of a celebrity. This is quite understandable, but the slightly elusive nature of that celebrity might mean that Dan is frustrated about something. Anxiety about being locked in a swimming pool, and the fries floating in the water bath, might imply a certain reluctance to integrate his feminine side, especially in such a masculine environment. That Dan is scarfing down large amounts of food tells us that he has a strong spiritual side that needs nurturing. And the lady showing her stomach to everyone is just plain freaky. Another dream diary from a volunteer non-cheese eater came from Laura. Her journal shows some intriguing examples of dreams that involve her childhood and days gone by. Night One: I’m riding a bike through my family vacation home, but the seat is far too high and I can’t quite reach the peddles properly, wobbling all over the place. I think I’m leaving. I’ve got loads of bags that I’m struggling to carry, I keep dropping things and I can feel myself getting really frustrated and upset. Night Two: My mum and I are searching around thrift stores looking for a skirt to wear for a fancy dress party, I’m going as a school girl. My surroundings change and I’m in another store, where I find hats which I begin to try on. Night Three: No dreams Night Four: I’m with family and my old dog, wandering around the garden where I grew up. The river is in flood. We walk through some woods where there’s a bees nest in the trunk of a big old tree. Next, we walk out of the woods and it’s just me and my mum, we get in my car and start driving around a rotary, but I can’t turn off, I don’t know where I’m going. Night Five: There are lots of people around, I’m in my underwear, but no-one seems to notice. I’m trying to find my apartment which is in a mall. I’m going up and down the escalators. There’s also a spiral staircase. When I finally find my front door it’s next to the amusements, I can see fruit machines and flashing lights. I realise that I’ve left my keys in the car, which is back down on the first floor parked among the stores. So I start going up and down the escalators again. Once again I can feel myself getting really frustrated and upset. Night Six: No dreams. Laura’s dreams also involve some anxiety. She has the classic “underwear in public” aspect to a part of her dream, too—(see the section on nudity in dreams THE AWARD FOR “MOST POPULAR DREAM” GOES TO…). There’s also a large degree of going back to her past; the old family home, the bicycle that’s too big, and the time she spends in the dream with her mother might suggest that Laura is longing for a return to simpler days with fewer responsibilities. Here are segments from more of the dreams that were reported back. We defy you to decide whether they were cheese-fuelled or not…here are some of the more coherent extracts. I can’t get into my house because the porch is covered with rabbits disguised as pineapples. They’re wriggling all over the place and I don’t want to step on them I am standing inside a hamster wheel, having fun, then I realize it’s not a hamster wheel but a gigantic roll of adhesive tape. Or am I just really tiny? Aliens are going to invade the planet. They get here by climbing though radios that are set to a certain frequency. I am trying to stop people fiddling with their dials. I look into my friend’s pram to admire her new-born baby. There’s no baby there, only a plate of dressed crab. But my friend seems pleased enough and I just can’t tell her the truth. I have a job interview and am hurrying to get ready. The only stuff in my wardrobe is full-sized animal skins, all evidently very recently skinned from the animals they belonged to because blood is dripping everywhere. ANSWER; The first two dreams are cheese-fuelled. The last two are “normal.” “I was having a very deep and meaningful conversation with my cat, Mr. Bootsypuss, and then suddenly we were on the bed making out. I knew it was wrong, but it was fabulous sex. When I woke up and went to feed him in the morning, it was really weird. We’ve exchanged some meaningful stares since that night, and I wonder if he had the same dream.” COFFIN The coffin is an example of a “container” dream (See Bottle or Box). The container, or in this case, coffin, represents you. The more obvious meaning of the coffin—death—can’t be ignored, though. In this case, the coffin in your dream represents an ending of something, death making way for something new. COLOR Some people say that they never dream in color—or at least, if they do, then they don’t notice what those colors are; it’s likely that the colors are simply not significant within the dream. Sometimes, however, the colors in your dream cannot be ignored. Here’s a guide to their (very) basic meanings: Red = life, energy Green = growth, harmony Blue = spirituality, calmness Pink = sexuality Brown = earthiness Yellow = childlike qualities Black = mystery, decay White = purity, cleanliness Purple = magic and mystery COMPASS The main task of a compass is to indicate direction. In dreams, your subconscious mind communicates with you. Therefore, it’s logical to suppose that dreaming of a compass means that your subconscious mind is trying to tell you something about the direction your life is taking. Perhaps you need to change it. CONDOM Condoms are protection. They protect us from STDs and stop women from getting pregnant. What, in your waking life, requires protection? Your dream of condoms is a reminder that something needs to be looked after. CONFETTI It seems odd when you think about it that we like to have tiny scraps of paper flying through the air when we have something to celebrate. Confetti or tickertape in your dream means that you have something joyful to look forward to in real life. CORRIDOR A house or a building in a dream, represents you. A corridor is an area of transition, a path that leads us from one place to another—somewhere we don’t generally linger. Perhaps there’s such a transition taking place in your life at the moment, and you’re in a metaphorical corridor between jobs, relationships, or homes. CROWD To find that you’re in a crowd can either be upsetting and confusing or joyous and unifying—depending, of course, on the mood of the crowd. If the dream is a confusing crowd scene, then the feeling of trapped frustration might reflect a certain situation in your waking life. If the crowd is unified and joyful, then you might as well enjoy whatever is going on, knowing that you’re one small but important component in a unified whole. CUP Any sort of a vessel, such as a cup, chalice, or goblet, represents the female aspect of your psyche. This applies whether you are male or female. If you are the former, this dream is telling you to follow your intuitions and your “feminine” side. D DAISY Daisies stand for freshness, optimism, springtime, and new growth, as well as the innocence of childhood. Sometimes dreams remind us of what’s missing in our lives, so the appearance of a daisy in your dream could be a gentle hint that perhaps things aren’t that bad after all. New growth will come soon. DANCING If you were dancing by yourself, this dream implies that you can express yourself best when you’re left alone. You might be feeling bogged down by the responsibilities of everyday waking life, but dancing alone in your dream shows that you’re young inside, and the world is still your oyster. If you were dancing with a partner, this is an expression of harmony, both in your life and in your choice of sexual partner. Again, you might be fortunate in that this perfectly describes your situation, or it could be something you’re craving. DAUGHTER If your daughter is a real person and you dream about her, the context of the dream will tell you if you’re expressing your hopes for her or your anxieties about her. If you have no daughter, the girl in the dream represents a part of yourself. This is the case no matter whether you’re male or female. DEAD There’s a distinction between “dead” and “death,” and so you’ll find entries for both in this book. If someone that you know to be dead appears to you in a dream, there’s a strong school of thought that would suggest the person is coming to you from the other side of the veil, so to speak, to impart information. There’s an equally strong consideration that says our own subconscious mind will do whatever it can to get information passed to us, including disguising itself as a dead person. Either way, the message is likely to be an important one. Sometimes we dream that people close to us are dead. This is more likely to be a typical anxiety dream rather than a premonition dream. If you dream of a dead animal, then the part of you that is represented by that animal might be dead for the time being. For example, if you dream of a dead bird, then perhaps you feel grounded, unable to “fly,” metaphorically speaking. DEAF To dream that you are deaf, or that you are dealing with deaf people, means that you either can’t get someone to hear what you are saying or that you are not listening to what someone is telling you. Pay attention, either way, and find a new way of communicating if necessary. DEATH Death signifies an end. If you dream that someone you know is dead, it’s not necessarily a warning that you’ll need to buy a black suit anytime soon. Rather, it might be that the useful parts of your relationship with this person have come to an end, and that it’s time for you to acknowledge this. If you dream that you yourself are dying, this is not an omen or an indication that you are near death. It means you’re undergoing a profound series of changes that will see you advance in every way imaginable. It’s not nice seeing your body in a coffin, but if you do, see this as an exciting precursor to a whole new you! DECAPITATION What we’re really talking about here is someone losing his or her head. If it’s you, perhaps there is a decision you regret or an ill-advised choice that you’ve made that needs rectifying. DEFORMITY Essentially, a deformity is something that’s wrong, something that’s amiss. To dream of such a thing (be it a physical, emotional, or mental deformity) would imply that there’s something similarly “wrong” with a situation in your life. A deformity doesn’t necessarily have to be fixed; rather, we need to find ways to work with it or around it. DÉJÀ VU If you experience déjà vu during the course of your dream, this is a good indicator that your dream is about to go “lucid.” (See Lucid Dreaming in LUCID DREAMING: THE ART OF CONTROLLING YOUR DREAMS). DEMONS Carl Jung, one of the greatest influences on dream analysis, said that we each have a shadow side—a side that remains hidden. Devils, demons, and the like represent that shadow side, the aspects of ourselves that we might be ashamed of and that we prefer not to disclose to the world. It’s also worth bearing in mind that we need to face our demons in order to understand them. Perhaps it’s time to consider a little more integration and a little less distraction? DENTIST There’s usually a degree of anxiety about seeing a dentist, even if we have a perfect set of gnashers. One of the most common anxiety dreams is about teeth falling out (see THE AWARD FOR “MOST POPULAR DREAM” GOES TO…), and a dentist dream also falls into the anxiety category. DEVILS (See Demons) DIAMONDS Lovely! Generally speaking, it’s good to dream of anything so beautiful and valuable. The diamond symbolizes strength, integrity, and clarity. So again, the context of the diamond is all. If you find a rough diamond, then there might be aspects of your character—or skills—that you feel are not being exploited. If you lose diamonds, then you’re anxious about losing something of value in your waking life. Diamonds are, of course, given as a symbol of marriage, too, so this could also be a desire dream. DINOSAUR Possibly the most powerful symbol we have of outmoded ideas. Is there something you need to let go of? DISGUISE If in your dream you find yourself in a disguise, then you might not want people to know it’s you. Try to remember your disguise as this could help you figure out what you’re trying to hide, if anything. You have all these answers within you. DISNEYLAND Disneyland is something akin to a freaky dream itself. You may enjoy finding yourself in a fantasy full of pastel-colored castles and ten-foot high mice, or you may find the whole thing a surreal nightmare. Either way, the dream is an indication that it’s time for you to embrace a new way of looking at things, to unexpect the expected, and to let your inner child come out to play. DOCTOR This is a guidance dream. As with any dream featuring a figure of authority, the doctor signifies the need for expert, trusted advice. It’s most likely that your subconscious mind throws you in to visit a medical doctor, but it could be another kind. The issue you’re facing need not be medical at all, but it does indicate that you need advice in an area of your life. The context of the dream will help you determine the type of advice needed. DOG Man’s best friend packs a very powerful symbolic punch when he appears in a dream. We’ve always imposed important significance on these creatures; for example, in many societies they’re considered to be “psycho—pomps,” that is, animals that escort human souls to the next world. A black dog is thought to be a symbol of depression. Your dream doggie could also represent faithfulness, generosity, loyalty, and protection. It’s important to recognize the context in which the dog appears in your dream. It might be barking at you as though it wants to tell you something. It might bite you, which would suggest that you need to pay attention to something. You might find that the dog appears to be guiding you somewhere; this is a strong signal for you to follow your intuition. DONKEY What’s the word you most associate with this animal? Stubborn, perhaps? If you feel the animal is an aspect of yourself, then maybe you’re being a bit stuck in your ways. The donkey could also represent a situation that’s been frustrating you. If, however, you’re leading the donkey in the dream, then you’ve got a tricky situation under control. DONUTS Tasty, delicious, and fattening donuts speak of illicit desires—in particular, sexual ones. DOVE The world over, this little bird is symbolic of peace, harmony, contentment, gentility, and fertility. The white dove signifies spirituality. DRESS (See Clothing) DROWNING Drowning dreams frequently end as the sleeper wakes suddenly; the feeling of panic unbearable. Being submerged in water and unable to breathe is a horrible feeling, and to dream of this is a powerful way for your subconscious mind to rap sharply against the door of your conscious mind, telling you to express your fears and anxieties in your everyday life. One dream might be enough for you, but if you dream repeatedly that you’re drowning, then it might be worth seeking professional advice about confronting your fears. DRUMMING If you’re drumming in the dream, then you’re in control of your life. If you have to follow someone else’s rhythm, however, then the opposite is true. You might be happy with this state of affairs, or you may not. What you do about it is up to you. DYNAMITE A good friend and a devastating enemy, dynamite represents very powerful aspects of yourself that you feel might endanger you in some way. The most powerful tool we have as human beings is that of speech. Words can be used like dynamite, equally explosive. Is there something you’d like to say that you’ve been sitting on for a while? Are you afraid of the consequences? Sometimes an explosion can clear the air, so long as you take care not to get hit by shrapnel. E EAGLE One of the most prominent bird symbols, an eagle appearing in your dream speaks of glory, grandeur, royalty, authority—and immense power. The word “acumen,” meaning keen-sightedness, shares its root with the Latin word for eagle, aquila. Eagles soar high and can see things at great distances—and while you’re dreaming, the skill of far-sightedness can also be used in relation to events in your life. Because of its power, the context in which the eagle appears in your dream is similarly amplified. If you’re soaring with the birds or feel that you are the bird, this is a very good omen because of the bird’s power and far-sightedness. On the other hand, if you see eagles chained up or confined in any way, then your dream is relating an incredibly frustrating experience that you are currently experiencing in your life. The bird’s confinement parallels your own frustrations. If you kill an eagle in your dream, then this has two potential meanings. The first is that you believe you are more powerful and ruthless than an eagle. The second is that you are somehow destroying the most important and powerful aspect of yourself in your waking life. Take care. EARS If ears figure prominently in your dream, particularly ones with earrings, this is a nudge that you’re not listening properly. The earrings draw more attention to the ears and so “amplify” their meaning. EARTHQUAKE Earthquake dreams have a clear meaning; there’s a huge shake-up going on in your life, the outcome of which is still unpredictable. If you’re rescuing people from the fissures in the earth, you’re in charge of this shaky situation. You’ll soon overcome any challenges that occur as the result of your changing circumstances. If you’re not doing anything during the earthquake dream, then it indicates that you believe the situation’s outcome is out of your control. EGGS Fertility, birth, new beginnings, and potential; this is what the humble egg stands for. A nest egg (a nest full of eggs) also indicates financial security. If the egg is broken deliberately, then you’re happily in charge of your life. If the egg breaks by accident, however, events and situations in your life might be heading in the wrong direction. Scrambled eggs speak of confusion and misunderstandings. ELECTRIC CHAIR Not nice. An electric chair could indicate that you’re feeling under threat from a particular person or institution. ELEPHANT We associate elephants with longevity and memory. Generally, they move slowly because of their cumbersome size, but if they need to, they can run like hell. If you dream of an elephant, the context of the dream will indicate which elephant association carries the most important message from your subconscious. Has something from the past cropped up that you need to forget about again? Is there a large and cumbersome problem standing in your way? A white elephant indicates there is an unwanted element in your life. Because of their longevity and their powerful memories, elephants are believed to be wise. If you are an elephant in your dream, or are riding one, then you share its powers of wisdom. E-MAIL Oh dear! This is quite a feature of modern dreamers. If you dream of e-mails, then you either need to communicate something or you’ve been spending too much time in front of a computer screen. EMERALD Green is the color of growth and healing, and the emerald is one of the most precious gems. Therefore, to dream of emeralds is very auspicious. You could be experiencing growth in a particular area of your life, and emeralds could also indicate you have nascent healing powers. ENGAGEMENT If you dream that you’re happily engaged, this could speak of your desire to “belong” to someone else, and you might want to question why this is, especially if there’s no significant relationship in your life. If the dream engagement makes you nervous, on the other hand, you have to ask yourself why. Maybe there’s a very good opportunity staring you in the face that you’re reluctant to accept for some reason? It could also indicate that you’re commitment-phobic, not necessarily about getting married, but about a potential new job, for example? ENTRAILS Entrails, at one time, were an important means of predicting the future. The efficacy of such a method would presumably depend upon the owner of the entrails. If the entrails in the dream belong to you, then the future outcome is unlikely to be fabulous. If you dream that you are handling entrails, then you’re getting into the heart of an important issue in your waking life. ENVELOPE An unopened envelope signifies an exciting opportunity. If the envelope is red, then it’s particularly good news. EROTIC DREAMS Erotic imagery in your dreams usually indicates a lack of sexual excitement in your real life. If this is the case, you have two choices. Either get out more, or sleep more, hoping that more of those saucy dreams will come your way. EVERGREENS This is a good dream to have if the evergreens are healthy. It indicates prosperity, security, and youthful qualities for you. If the evergreens are being chopped down, however, you might be anxious about something you’ve not yet discussed with anyone. EVIL Sometimes, certain dreams have a palpable feeling of evil attached to a particular person, place, or situation. If you’ve experienced it in a dream, then you know it. Some schools of thought believe that this is genuine evil, sneaking into your dream, and that you should protect yourself before you fall asleep. Others will tell you that the evil feeling exposes your own true feelings about the person, place, or situation in the dream, and that it’s nothing to worry about. It’s up to you to decide which you believe. Конец ознакомительного фрагмента. Текст предоставлен ООО «ЛитРес». Прочитайте эту книгу целиком, купив полную легальную версию (https://www.litres.ru/adele-nozedar/freaky-dreams/?lfrom=334617187) на ЛитРес. Безопасно оплатить книгу можно банковской картой Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, со счета мобильного телефона, с платежного терминала, в салоне МТС или Связной, через PayPal, WebMoney, Яндекс.Деньги, QIWI Кошелек, бонусными картами или другим удобным Вам способом.
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