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SIMPLY Office 2010

SIMPLY Office 2010
Автор: Kate Shoup
Описание книги
Wanting to make the most of Microsoft Office 2010? But not sure exactly what is has to offer? Then look no further as this clear, concise guide is the ideal companion for fast and efficient learning. Simply Office 2010 runs you through the main features of the Office applications with simple, step-by-step instructions that show you how to tackle dozens of Microsoft Office tasks, whilst offering practical examples and advice. The simple, yet elegant design features a multitude of images as well as tips & tricks to make this a perfect reference for all ages and abilities. If you are new to Microsoft Office you will find the gentle approach to the software provides a non-intimidating and easy to follow resource that helps you to get to grips with the application quickly – just follow all instructions on screen at your own speed. Each application in the Office suite is covered, including: Word Excel Outlook Publisher PowerPoint Using Office Internet and graphics tools Packed with advice and screen shots, this full-colour visual tutorial is excellent value for money. Learn something new today – read it, try it and become your own expert with Simply Office 2010!
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