Домашние животные

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Pea Horsley - Heart to Heart
Bel Mooney - A Small Dog Saved My Life
Fiona Harrison - A Pug Like Percy: A heartwarming tale for the whole family
Fiona Harrison - A Puppy Called Hugo
Victoria Stilwell - It’s Me or the Dog: How to have the Perfect Pet
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Janice Posnikoff - Horses For Dummies
Susan Ewing - Bulldogs For Dummies
Susan McCullough - Housetraining For Dummies
Connie Isbell - Rabbits For Dummies
Susan McCullough - Beagles For Dummies
Patricia Bartlett - Koi For Dummies
D. Coile - Pomeranians For Dummies
Kim Schilling - Ferrets For Dummies
Jacqueline O'Neil - Chihuahuas For Dummies
Gregory Skomal - Saltwater Aquariums For Dummies
Shannon Sand - Horseback Riding For Dummies
Wendy Bedwell-Wilson - Boston Terriers For Dummies
Margaret Bonham - Dog Grooming For Dummies
Kate Gentry-Running - Horse Health and Nutrition For Dummies