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Metal supply & sales 2012

Metal supply & sales 2012
Описание книги
In the special edition of the “Metal Supply & Sales” magazine you will find the analysis of current situation in Russian ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy in the context of global production; in depth flat and long-rolled products, pipe, copper and aluminum industry research. English speaking readers of the special edition will be able to acquire information on Russian metallurgy perspectives, market trends and industry innovations. In the “Metal supply & sales” magazine sector’s leading companies – MMK, NLMK, RMK, TMK, OMK, Chelpipe, Uraltrubprom and Ukraine’s Metinvest, present their articles on new production capacities, products and engineering solutions. In addition the Chinese market forecast is published in this issue of the magazine.
Жанр: Журнальные издания, зарубежная деловая литература, отраслевые издания, современная зарубежная литература Тип: PDF Книга Цена: 169.00 руб. Просмотры: 62 Скачать ознакомительный фрагмент PDF КУПИТЬ И СКАЧАТЬ ЗА: 169.00 руб. ЧТО КАЧАТЬ и КАК ЧИТАТЬ
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