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The Secret Of Mind And Body Gianluca Pistore Oreste Maria Petrillo The Secret Of The Mind and Body The True Path To Obtain The Success With Simplicity Following The Right Strategies by Oreste Maria Petrillo and Gianluca Pistore Cover page graphics Giuseppe di Somma Translator Anna Mori Table of Contents DISCLAIMER (#u46c85b4d-a824-5817-95b0-042feed6be56) INTRODUCTION BY SLY (#ube9e791f-f1f9-5bbe-b85d-e451d92a04a2) JUST BEFORE TO START (#u8230ec4e-3db6-559f-a324-f1cca9fdc5e9) THE END (#ubd352151-e7d8-5fc0-81b0-b302ac2bfecf) Prologue (#uaf4de4d0-aea6-584b-8ead-00565fca2f60) I (#uf4984b3a-79ea-5416-9d9c-f46cd98cb68f) II (#uf6793692-5a6b-5125-be54-1f9f2f821abf) III (#ubda93d25-b614-5466-8e5a-d9c7b3cb79ff) IV (#litres_trial_promo) V (#litres_trial_promo) VI (#litres_trial_promo) VII (#litres_trial_promo) VIII (#litres_trial_promo) IX (#litres_trial_promo) X (#litres_trial_promo) XI (#litres_trial_promo) XII (#litres_trial_promo) XIII (#litres_trial_promo) XIV (#litres_trial_promo) XV (#litres_trial_promo) XVI (#litres_trial_promo) XVII (#litres_trial_promo) XVIII (#litres_trial_promo) XIX (#litres_trial_promo) XX (#litres_trial_promo) Epilogue (#litres_trial_promo) BEGINNING (#litres_trial_promo) DISCLAIMER ATTENTION: The reading of this book could make you stronger, full of energy and wellness. You’ll feel invincible: following the exercises of this manual you’ll become irresistible, sculpted and wonderful. The authors deny any responsibility in case of teasing by women who will not be able to resist you or damages suffered by few cautious men who will try to seduce women reading this book. DISCLAIMER: The authors invite you to not buy this manual. It will make you foolish feeling you pansy. It will lead you to the physical crisis through the achievement of extraordinary results. It will cause you economic crisis: your trousers will become very large, also your sweaters. On the contrary, your shirt will have to be thrown away: your chest will explode in it. Your hands will become bigger and hard, your ring will break, your trouser belt will snap as you will sneeze. Your abdomen will be so sculpted that your woman could think to be in the bed with Schwarzenegger. You shall not expect that we will be able to improve your face. Miracles are not granted to us. DISCLAIMER 2.0: The authors deny any responsibility for what has been written before. This book should not be considered as substituting a medical treatment neither a gym exercise. If you are ill, take care of you; if you want to lose weight, do not think that you will do it only reading. THE AUTHORS PURPOSE: to sell you the book making you think that it will make you stronger, more shaped and sculpted, full of wellness and energy. MARKETING TECHNIQUE: making you achieve the above-mentioned results, so you will advise your friends to buy the book. Then, we really care about it a lot :-) THE BOOK PURPOSE: To convince you to close it and to go to the gym. INTRODUCTION BY SLY The preface that Sylvester Stallone had (never) written for us: «You are too muscular» they rejected me in this way then I proposed myself for the role of protagonist for the film that I had written. They offered me an incredible money amount to sell the play and to get me out from the business. They said that I could never be an actor, that I was not good for the role. I resisted: Rocky It was me. That film was born in a day when I said to myself “Why do not take this imagine of me and write something about the soul of a man hiding himself behind his rude appearance?”* This is Rocky, a strong boxer, a solid fighter, a man that never give up and who has a great heart, that even if it is forced to be a captor for the organised criminality, he tries to do something to improve his life. Rocky is a love film* it is not a simple boxer story. It is the story of a man who does not give up, fighting in the life to achieve the results that he dreams. During my cinema career, I have suffered a lot of accidents, followed several training and different diets that often have weakened me, this made me feel bad. During the Rocky II training, with Franco Columbu who has been twice Mr. Olympia, I tore my pectoral muscle forcing me to undergo to a surgical operation lasting four hours. I came back to the set for the shooting and the result is still well visible: in the film I changed the guard not to surprise Apollo (as I tell) but because I did not be able to box well because of the surgical operation consequences.** For the film Victory my diet consisted in just 200 calories per day, only protein food and a potato in case that I was feeling me passing out. For Rocky III I began my day with two miles running, then 18 boxe rounds, two hours of weightlifting and of rope skipping. In the afternoon, after a nap, two miles more of running. At that time, there was not many information about nutrition and I was using extreme methods to lose or put on weight, I arrived even to self-cannibalising. I had followed training and really unhealthy diets. I had massacred my body, I do not recommend to anybody to follow my advice. Today I train myself regularly each morning, while in the afternoon I deal with my business. My nutrition is healthy and correct. I try to follow a balanced diet and I am living with a fat mass of about 6%, when I must play a role in a film I decrease the mass to 4%. My record was in Rocky IV when I went down to 3.7% of fat mass. I think that the physical training is synonym of discipline, mental order and perseverance. Nobody can hit so hard as life, strong is not who going down for the count, but who that is gone down for the count once and has the force to get up. I do not know the reasons leading you to buy this book, I do not know why you want to train yourself or follow a diet. I do not know if you want to lose or to put on weight, if you want to increase your muscles or to define them better, if you are a fighter or an athlete….but whoever you are, get free from the beast that you have inside! You know, when the others are not able to do a thing, they tell that it is you that are not able to do it! Face to the adversities, to the difficulties of the life, it is not important what is the problem weight, we will make an effort to lift it! It is not important what will be the weight falling on our head, we will not kneel down. It is not important how you give hits, but how you are able to stand up to them, how you go down for the count after having taken the hits and you have the force to get up again, so you are a winner! Each time that you will feel pain, that you will surrender, that you will be near to give up, remember what my trainer said and you have to tell yourself: “Ehi… I did not hear the bell, there is a round more?” Good reading, Sly*** * These are sentences really told by Stallone in different interviews ** This and many other information have been taken by the official website www.sylvesterstallone.com (http://www.sylvesterstallone.com) *** To be surer we repeat: Sly did not consider us but we have no doubt that he would undoubtedly move and agree with these words. JUST BEFORE TO START The book in your hands will neither tell you how to lose weight without diets, nor it will make you lose 7 kilos in 7 days. Our trainings are not based on eating banana or other fruits. We don’t propose training not making you sweat or which could be followed comfortably from your office during work-breaks. If you were looking for that, close immediately this book. We will make you sweat, even only reading, and working hard at the gym. Our methods are not effective for everyone. They are valid for those who are determined and those who are resolute want to work hard, and working hard is not a common attitude. Then, if you are willing to study, this book is for you. Someone could expect that the book authors are two guys having a thing about the gym… it’s true. but looking to us, you couldn’t say that. We aren’t superhumans for two valid reasons: we don’t take doping and we like to be independent in the use of the hygienic paper. We talk about strength, big and proportionated muscles. If you are willing to growth enormously, follow our techniques. We have simply chosen a different way. If, however, you’ve read up until this point since you’re seeking to lose some kilos for the summertime, then close the book: we’ve the right solution for you, but we don’t like your motivation. If, instead, you’re willing to lose some kilos for forever feeling well and healthy, then we are the right persons for you. ALT! At this point many people point out that: - they are obese for genetical problems - they have slipped discs or ingrown nose hairs so they’re not able to train And now we’ll introduce ourselves. My name’s Oreste Maria Petrillo, I was born in a seedy quarter, my life made me shy and without any trust in myself. I felt the need to have a physical shell and mother nature pleased me: at 11-12 years old, my weight was already 90 kg. Now, if you’re imaging me like a mini Schwarzenegger, it would be rather better to envisage a little Chiyonofuji (the most famous Sumo fighter). May be for this reason that I approached the sport and body-building. My life made me shy, the sport gave me back the trust. I began to train lifting weights since I was willing to transform my natural shell, consisting of fat, in a strong shell made by muscles. This arose my passion for sport and knowledge of the human body with all its peculiarities. I enrolled to the University of Law but I was studying more medicine, nutrition, biochemistry than law books (N.B. in any case I get my degree and I’m Lawyer)! I’ve learnt how to eat and modify my body, to train obtaining any quality I was willing, like strength, mass or endurance. I’ve acquired character and discipline, tenacity and determination. The sport and knowledge changed me in a better person. Today I’m also a personal trainer helping others to exit from their cocoon and finally become beautiful butterflies. I discovered that it doesn’t exist a greater strength than the willpower and the hard work makes possible to achieve all goals, independently from the starting point. I share my experience with those asking me it. I like to consider myself as a men builder, from the physical and mental point of view. My name’s Gianluca Pistore, I am 1,75 mt height and 68 kg weight since many years. Independently from the fact that I eat ice-creams, Nutella, cakes, pizzas, little pizzas, bread and pasta, I have the turtle belly like muscles since I was 14 years old, I was born with a chest circumference which would already allowed me to compete. I was like those students that at school have very high marks without studying, except for some problems: I was born with the umbilical cord twisted around the neck and, besides to risk dying, doctors broken me the left shoulder and a nerve. During the first six month of my life, I’ve never moved the arm, then after a very painful therapy (causing me a hernia) I managed to flip the bird to the doctor who delivered me When I was three years and half old, two children knocked me over, I injured some cervical vertebrae remaining paralyzed at the hospital. Then, may be after a miracle, I continued to move. When I was 6 years old, I have enrolled for a Karate course. I win several championships. When I was 16 years old, my physical situation become worse, they advised me (read: forced) to not train yet. I was growing up being scared to bless me and convinced to be weak. I confess that I’d never picked up a girl being afraid that my back couldn’t take the strain. During the training, I was weak and continuously feeling pain to neck, back, arm and any other part of the body. A day when I was at the gym I didn’t realised that the press was loaded with a weight which was more than the double I lifted at my maximum effort. I raised it as warm-up and when I understood that I’d only a mental block, all changed completely. I began to be intrigued by the study of mind and how it can modify the results which we obtain in the financial, sport and personal field. I started to study PNL with the best teachers in the world, I followed the seminary of Anthony Robbins, I walked on the hot coals and I realised that we have an unlimited potential inside us. Then, I’ve known Oreste, I think that I’d never devastated nobody with questions like him: he knows really everything! I began to train using his workout routines and my mental techniques to increase performances. I’ve talked with him about my idea, we’ve analysed the attained results and then he told me that our message was a too beautiful message to keep it for us, we should have opened it to everybody. Then we’ve decided to reveal The Secret of The Mind & Body. THE END No, we’re not become crazy, neither the editor inverted the book pages. We want that this book would represent the end of your current way of being, the end of your grumbling, the end of your flops. We’ve deeply studied the human being potentialities and, even if they are infinite, we’ve found the Secret which has been lost for centuries. The Secret that champions and successfully people would never say you. The Secret is now revealed. Don’t try to look for it by yourself. It takes you time, money, patience and mistakes. We’ve already done it, take advantage of our experience. We’ve also applied a low price for the time spent in doing the research and writing the book, since we want that the Secret is passed on to as many people as possible following its essence. Today the man is too lazy and far from nature to discover and hear the Secret. But, despite of it, many successful persons managed to do it. What’s successo (success)? In semantic it’s the past participle of the verb “succedere” (to occur). Then, each time that you achieve what you have established for you in advance, you have been successful. There’re many ways to achieve the success. We’ve not the pretention to have found the best one. By hearing and following what we’ll tell you in the following pages, therefore, we assure you the achievement of all your goals. In a single word, we guarantee you the real Success, that with the capital "S". You can imagine where you’ll want to be in the next two years from now, and think about all the things that you’ll have been carried out, knowing that the way may’ve been long, but that it has brought you just to what you wanted, just to what you’ve become. Then turn you back, you’ll join the pieces of the big puzzle and you’ll notice that they fit perfectly together, they’d always fitted, but you were too short-sighted to notice it. This is an inspiring and motivating book, that makes you dream: the story of a guy who, after having lost his identity, founded it again thanks to the scrupulous work of two mentors. It’s also an essay about the achievement of full body and mind potentialities. If you really seek to lost weight and change your life, then turn the page and continue to read since this will be the most important reading of your life. Make you a real gift, tell yourself: “I must know the Secret, I must to pass on the Secret, I must become the Secret now!" Follow us. Follow us and you’ll not regret it. Turn the page and make yours “our” Secret, we’ll see on the other side... To your success! Oreste and Gianluca. “The book making you love ancient truths would be really new and original.” Vauvenargues Prologue That poster obsessing Carlos for months was posted to a shining window of a gym in Rio: "First prize 80 thousand dollars." Those who were used to live one day to the next, with less than 200 dollars a month, could be only dream that amount. And Good only knows how many poor people living in the favelas of Rocinha were tempted by that amount of money. Rocinha is a quarter of the Southern area of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is one of 700 favelas composing the town of Rio. It’s the biggest favelas in the world and it counts more than 150 thousand of official inhabitants. As often occurs in the poor quarters, there are fights among different trafficker gangs, the Amigos dos Amigos and the Comando Vermelho, to take the control of the favela. Carlos was born and grew up in that favelas, always suspended between life and death. That amount of money could have changed his life. Carlos had never seen all that money at once and he just needed it. It was the money necessary to give a kick to his past. It was thinking about it constantly, day and night. Finally, he decided to go and ask him, the legendary man, one of whom everybody knows the deeds and nobody dares contradict. I I remember that Monday of April. In Rio, it was hot, very hot. It was the typical spring day where people prefers to stay laid down on a beach than to work in their office with the conditioned air. And I remember also that phone call to me in my headquarter, my “Warrior Den", a meeting point for all the iron lovers, for all the old style passionate. "Halo, Himenes, George Himenes’s speaking? The owner of the Muscle and Mind Gym?" Said a faint voice on the other side of the phone. "Yes." I promptly answered, "Who’s on the phone?" "I’m Santana, Carlos Santana. I should urgently speak to you. When can I come to meet you?" "Beh, if you’ve not better things to do, you can come even now, the iron warriors never rest!" I said with vehemence. It was in this way that I’d known that bizarre guy coming from the favelas. He was yes and no 60 kg soaking wet and 1, 85 tall. He was the classic real ectomorph. Slim, with a frail skeleton and underdeveloped muscles. He had narrow shoulders and a long and flat thorax. His weight and the thorax perimeter seemed to be very insufficient compared to the height. Moreover, he had an equal length of the lower and upper limbs. He seemed undernourished and frightened by the life. "Then, dear Carlos, how can I help you?" "Someone told me that you’re able to do miracles with people..." I immediately stopped him "Guy, attention to the words. Only God does miracles. I simply help the butterfly to exit from the cocoon. Michelangelo sculpted the stone for his works, but the masterpieces were already inside the crude stone. He only smoothed out the edges. Well, this is what I do." The guy, hesitant, looked at me with barred eyes and added "This is not important for me! I must absolutely win “The Two Americas International Competition” "Slowly guy, let’s go in good order. I’ve already said you that I don’t do miracles, you would like to win the most important American competition of weightlifter in less than a year starting without any fundamental?" What an exhilarant guy. Maybe he did not see him in a mirror, I would not have permitted him neither to participate to the tournament of arm wrestling of the quarter. "You don’t understand. I need it. Do you want to help me or not?" said the guy quickly with a rage in his eyes that I’d never seen before. The first confused moment finished few later: “Guy, you cannot do it, give up. If you want to do some sport I can help you but keep away from your head these stupid paranoias”. He looked at me with tears in his eyes: “You’re a no-good man! You don’t know nothing about sport! You limit to look at me like I’m now, you don’t manage to imagine me stronger neither to see the rage, the motivation and the pain inside me looking beyond this my body....” He made the sign to say something else, then he turned and walked at a good pace towards the exit. I called him “Guy! Wait a moment... what would be this great motivation? Then, let me understand... why do you want to win the most important American weightlifter competition? do you want by any chance to demonstrate something to your girlfriend?” "The victory’s not important for me. I need the prize of 80 thousand dollars to save my younger brother from the street! My brothers and I were born in a very poor family, like many other here in the favelas of Rio. In our favelas, there’re incursions of the police squads, the death battalions, almost every day. I’m trying to keep my younger brother far from the gangs, but it’s difficult. Our father was died in a police raid, he was killed by a stray bullet which was directed to a drug trafficker who lived fifty meters after us. Our mother, after his death, felt in a severe state of depression and she’s not able to maintain all the family. The Saint Francis Missionaries help us but this is not good. I’m trying to earn money working with a carpenter who was my father friend but the wages don’t allow me to enrol to the gym! Some months ago, my brother is entered in a drug trafficker gang under the control of Ramires, one of the most important and ruthless drug traffickers of our favelas." While he was speaking his eyes become like transparent lights, and I was understanding what his heart was felling. He was the embodiment of the sadness of a story like many others. The fists clenched more and more on his legs "I’m trying to explain him that if he continues to do so he will harm only himself and us who love him, but he ignores my suggestions. I’ve tried to talk with his gang but I’ve received warning to not snooping around and, then, a broken nose!" he closed his eyes remembering those disagreeable experiences. "I want win for him and our mother... I want to bring them far from here! And you’re the only who can help me to achieve this goal, you’re the only who had never bowed to the outrages and who is respected by narcos..." He seemed me different from the usual bullies coming at the gym. "Guy, the life is not easy for everybody. You must know that if I will train you, I will make you sweat other blood. It will be the 10 hardest months of your life. Your mother gave you the life, I will reprogram it. I transform the brats in real men, independently from the age. You will become a man but, before, you shall become a child, cry, ask for piety and nobody will help you. You’ll fight yourself before to be ready to fight with the world. There’ll be nobody to lift you up from the ground. You shall do it by yourself. You shall react and learn how to get up on your legs. I’ll teach you that you shall never give up in the life. You shall never let your guard down, never give up, never get soft. Do you understand, ninos? Are you able to resist to all that?" "Let’s start!" Answered hesitant Carlos. "Well, come here tomorrow earlier in the morning, before to go to work, here, in my arena, and we’ll talk about what will be necessary to do. It’s all for the moment." But, little before he would exit from the gym, I stopped him. "In a week, you will have a meeting with a special person who will help you a lot. He’s a mental coach." "Is he a shrink?" added immediately Carlos contemptuous. "No, it’s worse. For the moment go home and rest you. We’ll see here tomorrow." I saw him through the gym windows exiting slouch, he seemed without chest. His head bowed. “There’ll be a lot of work to do” I thought. The first to believe to be successful would be just him. II The day after Carlos arrived in time at the gym. He wore a tracksuit, gym shoes and he drag a great bag. "For heaven’s sake, son, what on earth there is in that bag?" I addressed indignantly to him. "Beh, I took all my savings and I spent them for the clothes and for that…it’s the last supplement, the weight belt, some books that I brought to show them you and my spare clothes..." "Mmh, at first address me as ‘tu’, we’ll share time and emotions together and it’s important that you see me as a friend. Then, I think that this session will be completely dedicated to the explanations." "But what, do we don’t start? But we have few time at our disposal!" Said the guy with vehemence. "Carlos, Carlos, I’ve trained a lot of people before you. I know the time necessary to become stronger. I know that without a good mental base you’ll be destined to the flop and I know that, right now, you’re plenty of wrong convictions." I pressed immediately him. "At first, I don’t want to see you again enter this gym with these fitness boy shoes. Never dare you to profane this temple. Do you know that the best gladiators and pioneers of our loved sport have fight here? Start to feel their spirits inside you during your training! Wear decent clothes when you enter here. Put these shoes!" I Said throwing at his foot a pair of common work shoes with the iron reinforced point. Carlos bended to take them and made a grimace of trouble "Ouch, but what... How are they heavy! What are they for?" "They’re for let you back home with your feet! If a 25-kilo disk would accidentally fall on your feet fingers you will be forced to walk on your heels for the rest of your life, and it would not be a good scene to assist". Carlos, with his upset face, wore quickly the work shoes. "Well, the first lesson will be for the "Releasing of the brain trash". Explain me how do you trained in this period, if you had never done it, how do you supported yourself with the nutrition and tell me about your general life style." I encouraged him to tell about. "Yes, I’ve just brought with me some book to show you..." and opened the bag to take some book whose covering didn’t promise nothing good. "Mmmh, I see. And, looking at these books I’ll understand how you’ve trained?" I answered promptly. "Yes, I followed the program of the super champion Mr. Olympia to get enormous arms, then also this workout sheet, the quantic pumping, of Mr Universe and..." said while he was taking enthusiastic all these magazines from his bag and throwing them up on the table. "For heaven’s sake son, stop you. Have I already told you that this is a temple? You’re torturing the spirits of ancient warriors beyond my patience with these chatters! Show me your most recent routine and your nutrition diary." I said completely overwhelmed. He searched thoroughly the bag he had brought with him and took out a plasticised sheet on which I couldn’t see how much kilos he had lifted. Moreover, he didn’t know what would be a nutrition diary adding that he had always eat when his instinct let him understand that it was time to eat. Resigned, I sighed and said "Let’s see what have you done in the last period." What a fright it almost gave me reading his papers! " Smith machine stretching on the flat bench 6 sets x 10, peck deck 5 sets x 12, cable cross 5 sets x 20, stretching to the press machine 5 sets x 8 reps, leg extension, sissy squat, cable push-downs, French press...it’s better to stop here, today the disappointments have been too much. My poor physique could not support more. Sit down and listen to me, then..." "But what’s wrong? The super pumped trainer of my old gym said me that it is just in this way that he’s grew up. The leg extension isolates the muscle and then with the sissy squat I destroy it!" affirmed self-confident Carlos. "Carlos, listen, the only thing that you destroyed is your good sense. The leg extension and, then, how can you do an exercise called sissy squat? It’s an exercise for sissies. I’ve just four words for you 'shut up and squat!' The sissy fuck against a good squat 'ass to grass’. Do you understand? Now, I want to be very frank with you. Up to now you’ve only lost your time. This routine is trash. Sit down and listen to me carefully. I will explain you the training lost Secret. That which forged thousands of iron athletes. I will put you back in the men category. Where the beauty was the strength and the strength was the undisputed power on all creatures of the universe. Are you ready? Now we can start. III You must know that I’ve American origins. My origins are very ancient and it’s said that my forebears are descended directly from ancient warriors. For a long time in my family a story is passed on. About 30 years ago, 2 twins were born in a hospital of a rural country in the boundless Russia. They both had on average abilities, but they had a strong personality and well precise goals in their mind. They grew up together until they married and went to live far each other with their respective wives. Then, they let out of their sight. Many time after they saw again at a family meeting. The twins were still very similar. They had a like job, several sons and a wonderful wedding. Moreover, they had both matured a strong passion for the body culture. But there was a difference. One of them was enormously greater, stronger and more buffed than the other. As concerns the twins I must say that they began together the body training. What made their appearance so different? The Knowledge. The right knowledge and a constant application. I cannot promise that the success will be immediately yours if you will begin to follow my instructions. But I can guarantee that you will make a very fascinating trip looking for your potentialities and that I will give you all the necessary means to be excellent. It’s up to you then to put them in practice and act. What the story taught us, guy? The man since his origin has been always growing with the progressive overcharge. Do you know the Kaizen principle? It has been passed on directly to me by the last Japanese samurai warrior. According to this principle in your life you must always improve yourself, constantly. Even if you do a step behind, later you must do two steps ahead. It’s said that at the age of the big conqueror Rome, there was a courageous and feared warrior. It’s known that this warrior trained transporting a young lamb on his shoulders along the path of a stadium. Every day, in the silence of his yard, he took this lamb on his shoulders and went all over his path. Day after day the lamb grew constantly of half-kilo, one kilo per day. Every day the warrior continued his training. He almost did not notice that the lamb was becoming a great adult bull since he was becoming constantly stronger too getting used to the changing bull weight. When after two years the one who was defined as the strongest gladiator of all arenas came to play him, found the warrior walking happy with a bull on his shoulders! You cannot even imagine his reaction. It’s said that he is still running away. I think that it’s just from him that the marathon legend took its origin! Well, that man did not manage to see beyond his nose. He saw only the current athletic performance of brute force without being able to understand how it could have been occurred. He saw the finish line and not the whole path to achieve it. Every success seems easy once achieved, but it’s never preceded by a linear way, you can even stumble along the path but if the goal is there, fixed in your mind, before or later you will achieve it. Undoubtedly our warrior trained to achieve that result But the gladiator was too busy to hear his inner voice saying that it was impossible and that, undoubtedly, he was in front of a demon spitted out from the Cerberus jaws instead of a common man with an extraordinary tenacity. Well, the warrior had been successful since he had applied the Kaizen principle, the principle of the progressive overload. Train you trying to constantly overcome your limits at the gym like in your life and you will obtain all you fixed results. This is the most important concept and I invite you to put it well in your mind. Until you will continue to pump, to lift always the same sissy weights, doing a lot of sets and reps, you will remain just a spineless sissy! The second secret comes from the Vikings! It’s written in the rock and passed on only to the bravest among the male first born of the strongest warrior families, You must know that someone among these valorous men fight nude against the adversaries. They were called "furious" just for their ability in not feeling the stabbing pain of cut wounds they received. They continued to move ahead and fight, always, up to the victory. Then their wounds healed. Before the battle, do you know what they were thinking that would have occurred? They believed to be protected by the God Odin in person! May be that you’re believing that they were the only people having boosting convictions. Have you ever read something of the Bible, guy? I think that you don’t know neither what I am talking about, I can guess it seeing you gawping, isn’t it? Listen. A lot of motivational authors, the progenitors, thought, with good reason, that this book would be the most important motivational book in the world. In the first part of the Bible, called Ancient Testament, it is passed on the story of an ancient people. It tried to live peacefully respecting the commandments of its God. But when it was attacked, its warriors were very feared. It’s told that one of them could stand up to at least 10 adversary warriors. Конец ознакомительного фрагмента. Текст предоставлен ООО «ЛитРес». Прочитайте эту книгу целиком, купив полную легальную версию (https://www.litres.ru/pages/biblio_book/?art=40850061&lfrom=334617187) на ЛитРес. Безопасно оплатить книгу можно банковской картой Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, со счета мобильного телефона, с платежного терминала, в салоне МТС или Связной, через PayPal, WebMoney, Яндекс.Деньги, QIWI Кошелек, бонусными картами или другим удобным Вам способом.
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